Folk Performance

Folk Performance

Folk Performance are performed by amateurs mostly at religious festivals or rituals and ceremonies.  They reflect diverse aspects of folk nature; performances are natural and lively, spontaneous and simple, reflecting the cultural values of the common people.  Presently, Taiwan’s folk performance are more popular in the south than in the north; the most commonly encountered among them are Song Jiang Formation, Centipede Formation, Lion Formation, Dragon Formation, and Tiaogu Formation.

Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater

Director Zhang Yuan-rong became a member of a Lion Formation theatre when he was 12, so that he is most skillful in the lion dance and martial arts. I... (Read more)

Nei Men Zi Zhu Temple

Folk formations occupy an important position in Taiwanese life and culture. Zi-Zhu Temple, a temple with a long history in Southern Taiwan, is a local... (Read more)

Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe

Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe was established in 1995 by Director Xu Zhen-rong.“Zhen-tou” parade formation was part of temple fairs in the pas... (Read more)

Prelude to Good Fortune

In Taiwan’s folk religion, General Green Face Decrease and General Red Face Increase were originally fairies formed by the anima of heaven and earth. ... (Read more)

Song-Jiang Formation in Neimen

Song Jiang Formation has its home in Nei-men, Kaohsiung; it is the most powerful of all folk formations. Neimen, also called “Song-Jiang Site,” with a... (Read more)

The Traveler: San- Tai-zi

The Temple of Chio-tian Xuan-nu (Goddess of the Ninth Heaven) in Taichung took in a number of junior high and high school dropouts to form the Chio Ti... (Read more)

Strike the Chariot Drums

Drumming is a common type of performance among folk acrobatic groups. It showcases power, beauty, and skill. Strike the Chariot Drum performed by the ... (Read more)