Beiguan was brought into Taiwan in the middle of the Qing Dynasty.  Propagated by both amateur and professional theatre troupes, it became the most influential form of music in Taiwan.  The two major styles are “Xi-pi” and “Fu-lu.” A typical performance features dramatic opera, music, and “yiu-kio” (refined songs) songs.

Li Chuen Yuan

As the oldest existing Beiguan music club in Taiwan, the Li Chuen Yuan is believed to have been founded in 1723, yet relevant research showed that the... (Read more)

洛陽歌 千秋排場2013彰化梨春園西秦王爺聖誕祭典暨表演活動
Lo-Yang Music 2013 Ceremonies and Festivities to Celebrate Lord Xi-Chin’s Birthday by Changhua Li Chuen Yuan

At 1:30 p.m. on July 27, 2013 (Saturday), on the plaza outside the Changhua Li Chuen Yuan, a playful Beiguan Luantan Opera performance by the Beiguan ... (Read more)

Remove the Combat Vest

Publicized recordings and digital data about the Li Chuen Yuan’s history are selected from the music club’s collection of historical sound recordings ... (Read more)

A Legend Behind the Rabbit Hunting Journey (Grab the Baton)

A sound recording of the Li Chuen Yuan’s history is selected from the Li Chuen Yuan’s collection of almost two hundred types of acoustic data. Selecte... (Read more)