Indigenous Music

Indigenous Music

Indigenous music is a general term for the traditional music created by different indigenous tribes in Taiwan.  Each of the sixteen indigenous tribes has its own music with distinctive qualities and subject matter, but such music features traditional singing and dancing for ceremonies, traditional folk songs, nursery rhymes, and traditional rhythms.

Seediq’s Traditional Culture and Arts Troupe

Seediq is the 14th recognized tribe of Taiwanese indigenous. Members of the tribe mainly reside in Renai Township of Nantou County, encompassing the Z... (Read more)

Sound to Heaven Lileh of Bunun Tribe

Driven by a sense of mission of culture inheritance, the Ming-Te tribe in Hsin-I Village of Nantou County, which is affiliated with the Bunun Culture ... (Read more)

Performance of Seediq Jaw Harps

In the traditional life of the past, jaw harps were used in the daily life of the Seediq people. Whether for leisure recreation, accompaniment for dan... (Read more)

A Documentary Film on The Traditional Seediq Culture

In Nantou County, the home of the Seediq people, traditional songs and music and improvisational art are only performed by some elders who pass on the... (Read more)

kngdusan rudan Sediq sbiyaw祖先的腳蹤
Tracks of Ancestors

In the oral history of the Seediq Tribe, White Rock is the original site of their ancestors. When the tribal people hunt, White Rock guides and protec... (Read more)

《uyas nagih kuhul 傷心歌- uyas nurasn bubu 母親辛勞歌》
A Sad Song on the Hardships of Being a Mother

This type of song describes the sad feelings associated with raising children. The lyrics are highly individualized, improvised to a large extent, and... (Read more)

The Sound Of Unyielding Lives: Traditional Music Of The Bunun Tribe

Speaking of the music of the Bunun Tribe, the number one song that people take delight in talking about is “Pasibutbut – a song of the Bunun Sowing Fe... (Read more)

布農Bunun, 原住民布農族傳統生活文化在地影像記錄
Bunun (Dcumentary of theTraditional Life and Culture of the Bunun Tribe)

With the trend of westernization making an impact in each corner of the world, a number of ethnic groups are gradually losing their ethnic characteris... (Read more)