Chinese Music

Chinese Music

Contemporary Chinese Music was developed in the early twentieth century.  The Da-tong Music Association and the Chinese Music Improvement Association were established in southern and northern parts of Taiwan, respectively, by Zheng Jin-wen while Liu Tian-hua was the first to innovate Chinese Music.  Drawing upon features of western music, they focused on Chinese musical instruments, tunes, and organizations to improve and modernize Chinese music.

Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO), founded in 1979, is the first professional Chinese orchestra in Taiwan. Chen Tun-Chu, Chen Tscheng-Hsiung, Wang Cheng-... (Read more)

Chai Found Music Workshop

The Chai Found Music Workshop is a famous traditional orchestra for strings and woodwinds founded in 1991 by the famous erhu musician, Huang Zhen-ming... (Read more)

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan

Comprising many distinguished musicians on the music scene, the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO) is a national-level orchestra which aims to ex... (Read more)

Listening to the Wind Singing under the Bright Moonlight

Listening to the Wind Singing under the Bright Moonlight, a piece written in the modern southern music style, was composed by Chong Yiu-kwong, Directo... (Read more)

Erhu Concerto Sunlight After Snowfall

Composer Chong Yiu-kwong completed the erhu concerto for the opera, Sunlight after Snowfall in June, 2008. In fact, the piece was created for the 2008... (Read more)

《Cat’s 無言歌》柳琴協奏曲
Liuqin Concerto A Cat’s Song Without Words

A Cat’s Song Without Words is a liuqin concerto composed by Su Wen-qing who was inspired by his cats, Mimi and Kitty. The musical imagery shows the be... (Read more)

江南絲竹 行街
Parading in the Street-Jiang Nan Sizhu Music

Si and zhu originally were string instruments (like qin and se) and bamboo instruments (like di). In contemporary usage, sizhu refers to a form of mus... (Read more)

The Battle Field:Ambush from Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a large instrumental showcase the Chai Found Music Workshop presented in 2005. The leader of the workshop, Huang Zhen-ming, p... (Read more)


In this concert titled Alike/Unlike 2, the Chai Found Music Workshop brought together traditional and western instruments, engaging them into a dialog... (Read more)

The Legend of the Wind Lion God

The Legend of Kinmen was composed by Su Wen-Cheng to depict the cultural spirit of Kinmen. Though once full of verdant greenery, the landscape of this... (Read more)

Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song

In this performance, the NCO played Taiwanese composer Huang Zhennan’s Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera theme Song. The arrangement features cultural eleme... (Read more)

Mountain Music

This piece was commissioned by the NCO, drawing its inspiration from Taiwan aboriginal music. It narrates the joy of the aboriginal people and their o... (Read more)

Golden Snake Dance

Dance of the Golden Snake is a cheerful piece of music, with bright and expressive moods and spirited percussion. Though it’s named Golden Snake, its ... (Read more)

The Beautiful Taiwan

The NCO commissioned renowned composer Guan Nai-chong to compose The Beautiful Taiwan.Mr. Kwan is well known among people on both sides of the Taiwan ... (Read more)