Glove Puppetry

Glove Puppetry

Glove Puppetry (zhang-zhong xi), also called “budai xi” (cloth-bag show), is a kind of opera which makes use of cloth puppets. It is the most popular puppet show in Taiwan and features various styles.  In former times it was divided into different types according to the background music, such as Nanguan, Beiguan, Chao-diao, and Waijiang.  In the course of the twentieth century, Glove Puppetry performances have taken on many distinctive styles, enhanced by modern technology and multi-media background music.

Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater

Director Zhang Yuan-rong became a member of a Lion Formation theatre when he was 12, so that he is most skillful in the lion dance and martial arts. I... (Read more)

Seediq’s Traditional Culture and Arts Troupe

Seediq is the 14th recognized tribe of Taiwanese indigenous. Members of the tribe mainly reside in Renai Township of Nantou County, encompassing the Z... (Read more)

Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe

Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe, established by Mr. Zhang Li in Mi-tuo Village, Kaohsiung Province, did not have a name to begin with, so i... (Read more)

Troupe of Acrobatics of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

Troupe of Acrobatics of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts took on its present name in 1999. Its members include graduates of the Department o... (Read more)

Nei Men Zi Zhu Temple

Folk formations occupy an important position in Taiwanese life and culture. Zi-Zhu Temple, a temple with a long history in Southern Taiwan, is a local... (Read more)

Taipei Hua-sheng Nanguan Music Club

In 1985, two Nanguan musicians, Mr. Wu Kun-ren and Ms. Jiang Yue-yun, founded the Taipei Hua-sheng Nanguan Music Club which has blossomed beautifully ... (Read more)

Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation For Culture and Education

The Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation for Culture and Education was established in 1999 by Ms. Liao Chiung-chih who has spared no effort for... (Read more)

Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre

The Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre, founded in 1997, was transformed from the Beijing Opera Group of the Dr. C. F. Koo Foundation. Setting the ob... (Read more)

Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe

Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe was established in 1995 by Director Xu Zhen-rong.“Zhen-tou” parade formation was part of temple fairs in the pas... (Read more)

Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater

Director Zhang Yuan-rong became a member of a Lion Formation theatre when he was 12, so that he is most skillful in the lion dance and martial arts. I... (Read more)

Lanting Kun Opera Troupe

Founded in the year 2005, the aim of the Lanting Kun Opera Troupe is to develop and to carry on the tradition of Ancient Chinese Arts by bringing toge... (Read more)

Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO), founded in 1979, is the first professional Chinese orchestra in Taiwan. Chen Tun-Chu, Chen Tscheng-Hsiung, Wang Cheng-... (Read more)

Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater

Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater was founded in 1913, and eighty some years later, the present director took over the theatre from his father. The theatr... (Read more)

Contemporary Legend Theatre

Established in 1986 by Wu Xing-guo, the current artistic director, the Contemporary Legend Theatre has focused on combining traditional and modern ele... (Read more)

Tung-Hua Skin Shadow Puppet Theater

The Tung-Hua Shadow Puppet Theater is the oldest puppet theater troupe in Taiwan; its traditions have been passed down in one family for generations. ... (Read more)

Gang-a Tsui Theater

Gang-a Tsui Theater was founded in 1993. Their name is homonymic with the place they reside in, meaning “mouth of the harbor.” Since 1998, for six con... (Read more)

Chin Fei Feng Marionette Theatre Troupe

The Chin FeiFeng Marionette Theatre Troupe was founded in 1920 in Alian, Kaohsiung. Over 90 years later, the troupe is now in its third generation. On... (Read more)

Chai Found Music Workshop

The Chai Found Music Workshop is a famous traditional orchestra for strings and woodwinds founded in 1991 by the famous erhu musician, Huang Zhen-ming... (Read more)

Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe

Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe was founded in 1976. As a young boy, Liao Wen-ho began playing with puppets. His puppets were larger than usual. Hence,... (Read more)

1/2 Q Theatre

1/2 Q Theater was established in 2006. The title ½ denotes the theater’s status of being neither entirely traditional opera, nor modern theater. The Q... (Read more)

Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe

Sun Rong-hui, son of the famous military sheng (male characters) Sun Gui, established Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe in 1989. The troupe’s members are... (Read more)

Meinong Hakka Bayin Music

Meinong Hakka Bayin Music is comprised of senior master musicians from traditional Bayin music troupes in the Meinong area. They maintain the basic se... (Read more)

Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

The Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts was formerly known as the Fuxing National Opera Troupe, founded in 1963 by Wang... (Read more)

Hecheng Hakka Bayin Musical Troupe

Hecheng Hakka Bayin Musical Troupe was founded in 1979 by current director Yuan Ming-ying. Mr. Yuan is devoted to the conservation and continuation of... (Read more)

ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe

ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe was established in Taizhong in 1988. Based in central Taiwan, the troupe gradually expanded their activities to the sou... (Read more)

Hanyan Beiguan Troupe

The Hanyang Beiguan Troupe was established in Luodong, Yilan by Master Zhuang Jin-cai. They performed Beiguan during the day and Taiwanese opera at ni... (Read more)

Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre

Professor Hong Wei-zhu from National Central University established Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre in 1999. Members of this first professional Kunqu Opera... (Read more)

Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company

The Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company was established in 2000. It specializes in integrating eastern and western cultures, merging the spirits of avant-g... (Read more)

Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group

Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Group was founded in 1929 by Chen Ming-ji. It’s a family-operated theatrical troupe composed of three generations of t... (Read more)

Taipei Puppet Theater

The Taipei Puppet Theater was founded in 2010, inspired by the Taiwanese national-treasure puppet master, Li Tien-lu, who was a protégé of Chen Hsi-hu... (Read more)


The Puppet and Its Double Theater was founded in September 1999. Upholding the experimental spirit of “promoting puppetry in a modern theatre”, the co... (Read more)

Chen His-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe

Chen Hsi-huang, who is in his 80s, is the son of Taipei “I-Wan-Jan Puppet Theatre Troupe” master puppetry artist, Li Tien-lu. Li Tien-lu is the son of... (Read more)

Sound to Heaven Lileh of Bunun Tribe

Driven by a sense of mission of culture inheritance, the Ming-Te tribe in Hsin-I Village of Nantou County, which is affiliated with the Bunun Culture ... (Read more)

Li Chuen Yuan

As the oldest existing Beiguan music club in Taiwan, the Li Chuen Yuan is believed to have been founded in 1723, yet relevant research showed that the... (Read more)

Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company

Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company established in 1997, has been recruiting talent from theatre arts and other fields to make brand new and large-sc... (Read more)

Miao-Li Chen Family Beiguan Ba-yin Group

The Miao-Li Chen Family Beiguan Ba-yin Group was founded by the Hakka Ba-yin master Chen Chao-san over a century ago. Led by the third-generation succ... (Read more)

Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe

The troupe was officially founded in 1988. It is named after Mr. Cheng Jung-hsing, who is the grandson of the famous Hakka Tea-picking opera actress C... (Read more)

Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe

Founded in Kaohsiung in the year 2000, the Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe has been renowned for being active in cultivating talent, giving opportunit... (Read more)

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan

Comprising many distinguished musicians on the music scene, the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO) is a national-level orchestra which aims to ex... (Read more)

Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company

The year of 1949 launched a bumpy journey of Bangzi Opera due to the break out of the civil war. From Henan Province in the northern China, Bangzi Ope... (Read more)

GuoGuang Opera Company

GuoGuang Opera Company,since its establishment in 1995, has been working on introducing contem porary ideologies into traditional Peking Opera. With t... (Read more)

The Jester

The opera, written and directed by Li Bao-chu, who also stars in it, is an adaptation of the famous opera of the same title by Verdi. This is the firs... (Read more)

Performance of Seediq Jaw Harps

In the traditional life of the past, jaw harps were used in the daily life of the Seediq people. Whether for leisure recreation, accompaniment for dan... (Read more)

A Documentary Film on The Traditional Seediq Culture

In Nantou County, the home of the Seediq people, traditional songs and music and improvisational art are only performed by some elders who pass on the... (Read more)

kngdusan rudan Sediq sbiyaw祖先的腳蹤
Tracks of Ancestors

In the oral history of the Seediq Tribe, White Rock is the original site of their ancestors. When the tribal people hunt, White Rock guides and protec... (Read more)

《uyas nagih kuhul 傷心歌- uyas nurasn bubu 母親辛勞歌》
A Sad Song on the Hardships of Being a Mother

This type of song describes the sad feelings associated with raising children. The lyrics are highly individualized, improvised to a large extent, and... (Read more)

Prelude to Good Fortune

In Taiwan’s folk religion, General Green Face Decrease and General Red Face Increase were originally fairies formed by the anima of heaven and earth. ... (Read more)


In a dark bamboo forest where no one lives, a man is killed. How was he killed? Who is the killer? Who is the villain? Who is the victim? At the site ... (Read more)

Willow Dreams of Plum

This is the first original experimental Kunqu Opera produced in Taiwan. Before 2/1Q Theatre was formally established, the opera was a group creation o... (Read more)

Romance of the Red Chamber

Directed by Dai Jun-fang, Romance of the Red Chamber is an opera based on The Dream of the Red Chamber and The Xiqu Collections of the Dreams of the R... (Read more)

The Five Generals’ Conquering of the Western Region: White Crane Pass

In the Song Dynasty, Di Qing, one of the Five Great Generals, was sent with others to the Western Region to fight against the barbarians when he accid... (Read more)


After marrying Meng Re-hong, Gao Yan-zhen leaves for the capital to take the court exam and passes the exam as a zhuang-yuan scholar. Premier Ling Yi ... (Read more)

Plate-turning Acrobatics

Folk acrobatics shows go back to the Song Dynasty when they were put on as part of court celebrations and common festivals. In the mid-20th century, a... (Read more)

Leaping through Hula Hoops

Folk acrobatics shows go back to the Song Dynasty when they were put on as part of court celebrations and common festivals. In the mid-20th century, a... (Read more)

Bamboo Pole Acrobatics

Folk acrobatics shows go back to the Song Dynasty when they were put on as part of court celebrations and common festivals. In the mid-20th century, a... (Read more)

Entering the Garden

“Song of Wang-yi” was originally a ceremonial song sung by Taoist priestesses in Southern Fujian. This is the most complete version of “Song of Wang-y... (Read more)

A Melody on the River

This is a graceful piece with many allusions. It describes a widow playing a pipa beside the river and complains in tears that she was in love with a ... (Read more)

Raising the Golden Cup

The story of Raising the Golden Cup originated from Zhu Bian, a xiqu Opera from the Ming Dynasty. In the story, Zhu Bian, a man living in the Song Dyn... (Read more)

The Burning of Red Lotus Temple

Taiwanese Opera originated and has been developed here in Taiwan. In the Japanese Occupation Period, it developed skills from the Shanghai School of B... (Read more)

Wang Bao-chuan

This opera classic was recorded by the Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation for Culture and Education through the “Project of Recording and Pre... (Read more)

The Scholar of Ba-Shan

The Scholar of Ba-Shan was adapted by Li Bao-chun from a Sichuan Opera of the same title, and was written by Wei Ming-lun, a renowned Chinese playwrig... (Read more)

The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a Beijing Opera adapted by Li Bao-chun from a famous play of the same name by Cao Yu. This is the first time that Cao Yu’s play has ... (Read more)

Song-Jiang Formation in Neimen

Song Jiang Formation has its home in Nei-men, Kaohsiung; it is the most powerful of all folk formations. Neimen, also called “Song-Jiang Site,” with a... (Read more)

The Traveler: San- Tai-zi

The Temple of Chio-tian Xuan-nu (Goddess of the Ninth Heaven) in Taichung took in a number of junior high and high school dropouts to form the Chio Ti... (Read more)

A Dialogue of the Lions

A Dialogue of the Lions performed by the Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theatre under the guidance of Director Zhang Sheng-rong break through the limitations o... (Read more)

Strike the Chariot Drums

Drumming is a common type of performance among folk acrobatic groups. It showcases power, beauty, and skill. Strike the Chariot Drum performed by the ... (Read more)

故宮新韻:明皇幸蜀圖—經典崑劇 長生殿
New Melody from the National Palace Museum---The Palace of Eternal Life

In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Sheng finished the classic Qhaun-qi opera, The Palace of Eternal Life, a series of fifty operas. The opera, wi... (Read more)

Six Legends of Lanting --Faces of Variety in Kun Sheng Performing Art

Six Legends of Lanting refers to the ten classics zhe-zi-xi (highlights of famous operas) taken from six great Kunqu operas. Wen Yu-hang, a famous Kun... (Read more)

Quest for the Garden Saunter and the Interrupted Dream

Peony Pavilion can be said to be the most often adapted Kunqu Opera in history. The opera focuses on a “Dialogue of sound and emotions between Kunqu a... (Read more)

Listening to the Wind Singing under the Bright Moonlight

Listening to the Wind Singing under the Bright Moonlight, a piece written in the modern southern music style, was composed by Chong Yiu-kwong, Directo... (Read more)

Erhu Concerto Sunlight After Snowfall

Composer Chong Yiu-kwong completed the erhu concerto for the opera, Sunlight after Snowfall in June, 2008. In fact, the piece was created for the 2008... (Read more)

《Cat’s 無言歌》柳琴協奏曲
Liuqin Concerto A Cat’s Song Without Words

A Cat’s Song Without Words is a liuqin concerto composed by Su Wen-qing who was inspired by his cats, Mimi and Kitty. The musical imagery shows the be... (Read more)

Retrieve the Territory of Ch’u

Retrieving the Territory of Ch』u, comprised of 「Stories told by Xu Wang」, is set in the Spring and Autumn Period. The western neighbor of Chu is hosti... (Read more)

The Romance of Suei and Tang: Nan-Yang Pass

Nan-Yang Pass, performed by Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater, is the first part of The Romance of Suei and Tang. The story depicts Emperor Yang Guang, th... (Read more)

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu

In Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu, Yuan Shao gathers his vassals to discuss how to do battle against Hua Xiung. Seeing that Liu Bei, G... (Read more)

The Kingdom of Desire

An adaptation of Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, the opera was first staged in 1987 to great acclaim. Lin Huai-min believes this o... (Read more)


This opera is an adaptation of Medea, a Greek tragedy by Euripides. Ye Jin-tian, who has won an Oscar Award for Best Artistic Director, designed the c... (Read more)

Waiting for Godot

This opera is an adaptation of the play by Samuel Beckett, an outstanding playwright of the theatre of the absurd and a Nobel laureate. The troupe cla... (Read more)

King Lear

This opera is an adaptation of King Lear, one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies. Wu Xing-guo plays ten different roles in this one-man show. He de... (Read more)

Wang Kuei’s Betrayal of Guei-ying

This is a Taiwanese Opera classic preserved through the “Project of Recording and Preserving Taiwanese Opera by Liao Chiung-chih” (The opera was compo... (Read more)

The Battle of Wei-Nan

This opera was revised from an old opera The Battle of Wei-Nan some fifty years ago by Master Li Shao-chu of Beijing Opera. The scale and the difficul... (Read more)

Ji Gong Fighting Monster Furong

Jigong is a mythological character in Chinese popular religion. Legend has it that he is the incarnation of Arhat. Different from other Buddhist disci... (Read more)

Journey to the West: The Adventure at Black Water River

This play is adapted from a section of Journey to the West, narrating the events when Tang Sanzang and his disciples cross the Black River. The Tung-H... (Read more)

Journey to the West: Sun Wu-kong Fighting Princess Iron Fan

The Tung-Hua Shadow Puppet Theater adapted a section of Journey to the West into Sun Wu-kong Fighting Princess Iron Fan. It describes Sun Wu-kong as h... (Read more)

Peach Blossom Fairy Fighting Daoist Zhou

This play is adapted from a Yuan zaju, Peach Blossom Fairy Marrying Daoist Zhou, a story that brings to life wedding customs in Taiwan through the fig... (Read more)

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring on the Lantern Festival

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring on Lantern Festival is a play that features the southern style of marionette handling techniques in its plot. The hu... (Read more)

Clumsy Aunt Tigress

Clumsy Aunt Tigress is adapted from the Taiwanese folk tale 「Grandaunt Tiger.」 The play uses the form of string marionettes to embody concepts of mode... (Read more)

江南絲竹 行街
Parading in the Street-Jiang Nan Sizhu Music

Si and zhu originally were string instruments (like qin and se) and bamboo instruments (like di). In contemporary usage, sizhu refers to a form of mus... (Read more)

The Battle Field:Ambush from Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a large instrumental showcase the Chai Found Music Workshop presented in 2005. The leader of the workshop, Huang Zhen-ming, p... (Read more)


In this concert titled Alike/Unlike 2, the Chai Found Music Workshop brought together traditional and western instruments, engaging them into a dialog... (Read more)

Love and Pregnancy

In the Taiwanese language, 「adding a lantern」 is homonymous to 「having a son.」 The theme of this play is based on this homonym. A young man from a ric... (Read more)

The Symphony of Fate

This play is adapted from the old scripts of The Hidden Mystery of Song Palace. The playwright, Li Ji-wen, endeavored to give new interpretations to t... (Read more)

A Fated Love Affair

This play is adapted from Marriage of Two Phoenixes by Zeng Xian-zhi, recipient of the Hakka Contribution Award. It tells the story of Sun Wen-hua and... (Read more)

Flirtation at a Public House

An early form of Hakka theater is a basic 「three character tea-picking play,」 with one chou (comic characters) clown and two dan (female characters) s... (Read more)

Whispering from the Rear Garden

Whispering from the Rear Garden premiered in 2002. The stage setting is neither a regular indoor stage nor an open-air stage, but is in the Jiangnan s... (Read more)

Zhubun Elopes with the Ghost

For this play, the troupe invited Tomoe Shizune, arts director of the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo to be their guest director. While keeping to the or... (Read more)

Brave Guy

The Brave Guy series features Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe's consistent style of martial arts combined with a neon-flashlight setting and a tight-kn... (Read more)

Portrait of Love

This is the second project featuring the troupe's 「iron triangle,」 director Dai Jun-fang, actress Yang Han-ru, and installation artist Shi Gongzhongha... (Read more)

The Ghost Consort Prince

This play was selected to be performed at the 2008 Folk Arts and Taiwanese Opera Festival in China. The playwright, Sun Fu-rie, used a frontier minori... (Read more)

The Unrestrained SOUL

In this play, Sun Fu-rei used Christopher Marlowe's The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus as a cross-cultural prototype, also referring to the plot f... (Read more)

Duan Xiu

This play is TV and Xiangsheng actress Lang Zu-yun's first attempt in directing Taiwanese opera. Wen Yu-hang, sheng (male characters) of Beijing Opera... (Read more)

Bay-in Music and Religious Festivals

MeinongBayin music is mainly performed on occasions devoted to important life rituals and festivities of the Hakka people. Be it weddings, funerals, f... (Read more)

An Early Morning

In the Hakka Bayin musical repertoire, the xian-suo type most often came from folk songs, ballades or traditional operas. But the most prominent chara... (Read more)

Children Theatre -- 7 Dwarfs in Forest

This play is adapted from the Grimm fairy tale, Snow White. Without deviating from the guiding principle of the 「prince and princess live happily ever... (Read more)

Ghostdom River

This play is adapted from an old work, The River of Yin and Yang. It tells the story of Zhang Mao-shen, who accidentally crossed the boundary of the n... (Read more)

To Repay with Greater Love

This play is one of the few lyrical plays of Ming Hwa Yuan, focusing on touching interaction between family members and an individual’s exploration of... (Read more)

Lotus Lady Fairy- He XianGu

This play is divided into two parts, with a duration of five hours. The chief playwright, Chen Sheng-guo, browsed through Biographies of Immortals and... (Read more)

JiGong, the Living Buddha: Enchanted Snow Fox

This play is one of the representative works of Ming Hwa Yuan. It can accommodate either an indoor or outdoor stage. It won the award of Best Director... (Read more)

Grand Immortal of Ponlai

This is the first episode of the Ming Hwa Yuan Eight Immortals series. Its plot line centers on the enlightenment of the most proud, insubordinate, an... (Read more)

Legend of White Snake

This play can be called the most classic and the most spectacular representative work of Ming Hwa Yuan since its founding in 1929. It breaks the tradi... (Read more)

Legend Of Tang Dynasty

This play portrays the Tang Emperor Taizhong, Li Shi-min, and his history of killing his own brothers in court feuds, taking his sister-in-law as his ... (Read more)

Beauty Trap

In the Spring and Autumn Era the Kings of Wu and Yue had been competing with each other for over twenty years. Fan Li was forced to send his lover Xis... (Read more)

New Taiwanese Opera-Remembering 14An-Ping

The playwright/director Wang You-hui produced this play based on the narrative of a Taiwanese song of the same title. With the performance elements of... (Read more)

Kite Romance

This play was written by Li Yu, a famous early Qing playwright. The plot line is tight-knit, the choreography thrilling. The version of the Taiwan Kun... (Read more)

The Wooden Hairpin

This play ranked as one of the Four Major Nanxi plays together with White Rabbit, Moon Pavilion, and Killing the Dog. The original play consists of 48... (Read more)

A Newly Composed Kunqu Opera Fan Li and Xi Shi

This play is adapted from Huanshaji, allegedly the first script of Kunqu written by the Ming playwright Liang Chen-yu. Chief of the troupe, Hong Wei-z... (Read more)

La Boîte

Two puppet troupes unexpectedly met on their performance tours. Grandpa tried on the large French puppet that he』d never seen. The chief of the French... (Read more)

Shi-er-zhang Tune

“Da-chuei Music,” also called “Xiang-da” or “Chuei-chang Music,” of Hakka Ba-yin Music, is a kind of Ba-yin ceremonial music performed mainly by the s... (Read more)

A Sixteen-year-old Lass

The xiansuo repertoire of Hakka Ba-yin is led by the suona, and accompanied by the er-xian, hu-xian, and other percussion instruments, in the typical ... (Read more)

A Sixteen-year-old Lass

Xian-suo, also called diudi() in Hakka Bayin, is usually used in feasting and/or entertainment occasions because its main purpose is to entertain. The... (Read more)


Xian-suo, also called diudi in Hakka Ba-yin, is usually used in feasting and entertainment occasions because its main purpose is to entertain. The org... (Read more)

The Battle of Luohua River

A certain saying goes like this, 「When you dine on a meat dish, pick the three-layered pork belly; when you go to theater, go to the Luantan drama.」Si... (Read more)

Visiting Younger Sister

This play is from the Luantan jiulu(old style)repertoire. Its content consists of the first half of Visiting Younger Sister, Jinlian Observing the Sta... (Read more)

Wang Ying Leaving Er-long Mountain

Wang Ying Leaving Er-long Mountain is also called Tan Wuyang, both xinlu and jiulu(the old and new style)repertoires feature this play. It tells the s... (Read more)

Xue Ping-guei Crossing Three Gates

Xue Ping-guei Crossing Three Gates is a traditional drama of the xinlu(new style)Luantan Opera. It tells the story of Xue Ping-guei and his two wives.... (Read more)

Monkey King At Spider Cave

The Puppet and Its Double Theater invited international shadow puppetry ­master Larry Reed to Taiwan to lead Taiwanese artists in experimental product... (Read more)

Mayhem in the Crystal Palace

“Mayhem in the Crystal Palace”is the first part of the“Journey to the West”story series. The drama depicts a particular monkey born from a stone that ... (Read more)

The Legend of the White Snake

As the most frequently-performed folk tales on stage shows, the poignant and romantic love story of The Legend of the White Snake was reinterpreted by... (Read more)

Chen Shi-huang’s Life in Puppetry

1931-2000 The eldest son of Li Tien-luIn the year when Chen Hsi-huang was born, his father Li Tien-lu founded the I-Wan-Jan Puppet Theatre Troupe, whi... (Read more)

Rainy Flower Temple

The show Flying Swords and the Heroes, which is based on the book,“Flying Swords and the Hero”,published in 1911, is the first complete glove puppetry... (Read more)

The Sound Of Unyielding Lives: Traditional Music Of The Bunun Tribe

Speaking of the music of the Bunun Tribe, the number one song that people take delight in talking about is “Pasibutbut – a song of the Bunun Sowing Fe... (Read more)

布農Bunun, 原住民布農族傳統生活文化在地影像記錄
Bunun (Dcumentary of theTraditional Life and Culture of the Bunun Tribe)

With the trend of westernization making an impact in each corner of the world, a number of ethnic groups are gradually losing their ethnic characteris... (Read more)

洛陽歌 千秋排場2013彰化梨春園西秦王爺聖誕祭典暨表演活動
Lo-Yang Music 2013 Ceremonies and Festivities to Celebrate Lord Xi-Chin’s Birthday by Changhua Li Chuen Yuan

At 1:30 p.m. on July 27, 2013 (Saturday), on the plaza outside the Changhua Li Chuen Yuan, a playful Beiguan Luantan Opera performance by the Beiguan ... (Read more)

Remove the Combat Vest

Publicized recordings and digital data about the Li Chuen Yuan’s history are selected from the music club’s collection of historical sound recordings ... (Read more)

A Legend Behind the Rabbit Hunting Journey (Grab the Baton)

A sound recording of the Li Chuen Yuan’s history is selected from the Li Chuen Yuan’s collection of almost two hundred types of acoustic data. Selecte... (Read more)

The Immortal Lovers

The Immortal Lovers was inspired by one of Li Bai’s poems, which goes “I would have to be your eternal friend, and meet you on the clouds.” The show w... (Read more)

Who Is My Bride?

Adapted from the music The Phantom of the Opera, the show The Phantom of The Cabaret - Sir Kuei was Ko Tsung-ming’s grand work for the establishment o... (Read more)

Deathless Beauty

True to the saying “three thousand stories from the Tang Dynasty, eight hundred stories the Song Dynasty, and countless stories are based on events fr... (Read more)

Wai Si Tao (a refined song played by silk and bamboo musical instruments)

Yiu-kio (refined songs), which refer to art songs of Beiguan music, gained its name for the delicate and exquisite singing techniques which are distin... (Read more)

Fortune, Wealth, and Longevity (Da-chui-da)

Beiguan music, which is essentially the most popular traditional folk music in Taiwan, has another name, pei-chi, which is the counterpart of nan-chi,... (Read more)

Liu Ban (Eight Sounds of Xian-suo)

In the classification of musical instruments in the history of music, the “Bay-in(eight sounds)” refers to the musical sounds yielded by playing metal... (Read more)

Exhortations from a Virtuous Wife to Her Husband

The main storyline of Exhortations from a Virtuous Wife to Her Husband is about how a gambling-addict spends his entire family wealth on gambling. How... (Read more)

Hegemon-King of Western Chu and Consort Yu

As a grand show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe, Hegemon-King of Western Chu and Consort Yu bravely integrated e... (Read more)


The show Switch was nominated for the Traditional Theater Program Award under the 44th Golden Bell Awards in 2009. As a theatrical adaptation of the m... (Read more)

Heart Off

The exceptional doctor named Piei Chueh living in the Spring and Autumn Period is the first legendary doctor with an official biography in Chinese his... (Read more)

A Beautiful Dream Of Youth

‘Taiwanese New Drama” originated in the 1920s as a result of the intellectual elite’s creative pursuit of modern drama in the Japanese occupation peri... (Read more)

The Legend of the Wind Lion God

The Legend of Kinmen was composed by Su Wen-Cheng to depict the cultural spirit of Kinmen. Though once full of verdant greenery, the landscape of this... (Read more)

Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song

In this performance, the NCO played Taiwanese composer Huang Zhennan’s Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera theme Song. The arrangement features cultural eleme... (Read more)

Mountain Music

This piece was commissioned by the NCO, drawing its inspiration from Taiwan aboriginal music. It narrates the joy of the aboriginal people and their o... (Read more)

Golden Snake Dance

Dance of the Golden Snake is a cheerful piece of music, with bright and expressive moods and spirited percussion. Though it’s named Golden Snake, its ... (Read more)

The Beautiful Taiwan

The NCO commissioned renowned composer Guan Nai-chong to compose The Beautiful Taiwan.Mr. Kwan is well known among people on both sides of the Taiwan ... (Read more)

約 / 束

This play was adapted jointly by the authoritativeShakespearean scholar, Perng Ching-hsi, and the Chinese opera scholar, Chen Fang, from the Shakespea... (Read more)

The Sorceress Bride

This play was nominated for the 9thTaishin Arts Awards. The subject matter combines myths and aboriginal legends to describe the life of the sorceress... (Read more)

Women Are Renamed

The theme of war has always been an unfading favorite. Filled with killing and shouting, it is always men’s masculinity that embodies war and blankets... (Read more)

The Widow’s Peak

This play is the second one based on a local Taiwanese story, following Biography of Master Cao in 2003. The script is adapted by Liu Hui-fen from Wan... (Read more)

Grandauntie Liu

The plot of this play derives from chapters 6, 39, and 113 of the work of classical fiction Dream of the Red Chamber. Grandauntie Liu is a resourceful... (Read more)

Flowing Sleeves and Rouge

Unlike the previous productions, this play is not based on any work of literature, biography or historical event, but is a creation of pure imaginatio... (Read more)

One Hundred Years on Stage

This play premiered in 2011, as a celebration of the 100thanniversary of the Republic of China. The playwrights, Wang An-chi, Zhou Hui-ling, Zhao Xue-... (Read more)

Meng Xiaodong

The genre of this play is classified as a Beijing Opera musical. Its art form combines traditional Beijing Opera scenes, a newly composed musical and ... (Read more)

The Golden Cangue

The Golden Cangue was named as one of the Ten Best Performance Arts Programs at the Fifth Taishin Arts Awards. Critics also called it the ultimate div... (Read more)

Journey through Hell

This play was written by renowned Chinese playwright, Chen Ya-xian. The plot was inspired by the short story Sima Mao Held Court in the Netherworld an... (Read more)