Glove Puppetry

Glove Puppetry

Glove Puppetry (zhang-zhong xi), also called “budai xi” (cloth-bag show), is a kind of opera which makes use of cloth puppets. It is the most popular puppet show in Taiwan and features various styles.  In former times it was divided into different types according to the background music, such as Nanguan, Beiguan, Chao-diao, and Waijiang.  In the course of the twentieth century, Glove Puppetry performances have taken on many distinctive styles, enhanced by modern technology and multi-media background music.

Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater

Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater was founded in 1913, and eighty some years later, the present director took over the theatre from his father. The theatr... (Read more)

Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe

Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe was founded in 1976. As a young boy, Liao Wen-ho began playing with puppets. His puppets were larger than usual. Hence,... (Read more)

Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company

The Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company was established in 2000. It specializes in integrating eastern and western cultures, merging the spirits of avant-g... (Read more)

Taipei Puppet Theater

The Taipei Puppet Theater was founded in 2010, inspired by the Taiwanese national-treasure puppet master, Li Tien-lu, who was a protégé of Chen Hsi-hu... (Read more)

Chen His-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe

Chen Hsi-huang, who is in his 80s, is the son of Taipei “I-Wan-Jan Puppet Theatre Troupe” master puppetry artist, Li Tien-lu. Li Tien-lu is the son of... (Read more)

Retrieve the Territory of Ch’u

Retrieving the Territory of Ch』u, comprised of 「Stories told by Xu Wang」, is set in the Spring and Autumn Period. The western neighbor of Chu is hosti... (Read more)

The Romance of Suei and Tang: Nan-Yang Pass

Nan-Yang Pass, performed by Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater, is the first part of The Romance of Suei and Tang. The story depicts Emperor Yang Guang, th... (Read more)

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu

In Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu, Yuan Shao gathers his vassals to discuss how to do battle against Hua Xiung. Seeing that Liu Bei, G... (Read more)

Brave Guy

The Brave Guy series features Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe's consistent style of martial arts combined with a neon-flashlight setting and a tight-kn... (Read more)

La Boîte

Two puppet troupes unexpectedly met on their performance tours. Grandpa tried on the large French puppet that he』d never seen. The chief of the French... (Read more)

Mayhem in the Crystal Palace

“Mayhem in the Crystal Palace”is the first part of the“Journey to the West”story series. The drama depicts a particular monkey born from a stone that ... (Read more)

The Legend of the White Snake

As the most frequently-performed folk tales on stage shows, the poignant and romantic love story of The Legend of the White Snake was reinterpreted by... (Read more)

Chen Shi-huang’s Life in Puppetry

1931-2000 The eldest son of Li Tien-luIn the year when Chen Hsi-huang was born, his father Li Tien-lu founded the I-Wan-Jan Puppet Theatre Troupe, whi... (Read more)

Rainy Flower Temple

The show Flying Swords and the Heroes, which is based on the book,“Flying Swords and the Hero”,published in 1911, is the first complete glove puppetry... (Read more)