Luantan Opera

Luantan Opera

The most popular opera sung in “guan-yin” (original Zhong-yuan accent), Luantan Opera includes three types of drama: “ban-xian xi” (disguised as immortals), “gu-lu xi” (ancient style), and “xin-lu xi” (new style).  It was brought to Taiwan in the middle of the Qing occupation period and immediately became popular among the many professional theatres and amateur performers of Beiguan groups. However, since “Xin Mei-yuan,” the last Luantan Opera Theatre, closed down in 2002, only “Hanyang Theatre” and Pan Yu-jiao continue to give performances of this traditional opera.

Hanyan Beiguan Troupe

The Hanyang Beiguan Troupe was established in Luodong, Yilan by Master Zhuang Jin-cai. They performed Beiguan during the day and Taiwanese opera at ni... (Read more)

The Battle of Luohua River

A certain saying goes like this, 「When you dine on a meat dish, pick the three-layered pork belly; when you go to theater, go to the Luantan drama.」Si... (Read more)

Visiting Younger Sister

This play is from the Luantan jiulu(old style)repertoire. Its content consists of the first half of Visiting Younger Sister, Jinlian Observing the Sta... (Read more)

Wang Ying Leaving Er-long Mountain

Wang Ying Leaving Er-long Mountain is also called Tan Wuyang, both xinlu and jiulu(the old and new style)repertoires feature this play. It tells the s... (Read more)

Xue Ping-guei Crossing Three Gates

Xue Ping-guei Crossing Three Gates is a traditional drama of the xinlu(new style)Luantan Opera. It tells the story of Xue Ping-guei and his two wives.... (Read more)