Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera

One of the oldest extant and most artistic forms of Chinese opera, Kunqu Opera is sung in Kunshan melody.  It was brought to Taiwan during the Qing occupation period.  It has been sung with “Shi-san qiang” (thirteen musical instruments, sacred music) and “Beiguan” music. Since 1949 it has been performed primarily by amateur groups and school clubs.  In recent years, Kunqu opera troupes such as Shuimokun, Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre, and Lanting Kunqu Opera Theatre, have given regular performances.

Lanting Kun Opera Troupe

Founded in the year 2005, the aim of the Lanting Kun Opera Troupe is to develop and to carry on the tradition of Ancient Chinese Arts by bringing toge... (Read more)

1/2 Q Theatre

1/2 Q Theater was established in 2006. The title ½ denotes the theater’s status of being neither entirely traditional opera, nor modern theater. The Q... (Read more)

Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre

Professor Hong Wei-zhu from National Central University established Taiwan Kunqu Opera Theatre in 1999. Members of this first professional Kunqu Opera... (Read more)

Willow Dreams of Plum

This is the first original experimental Kunqu Opera produced in Taiwan. Before 2/1Q Theatre was formally established, the opera was a group creation o... (Read more)

Romance of the Red Chamber

Directed by Dai Jun-fang, Romance of the Red Chamber is an opera based on The Dream of the Red Chamber and The Xiqu Collections of the Dreams of the R... (Read more)

故宮新韻:明皇幸蜀圖—經典崑劇 長生殿
New Melody from the National Palace Museum---The Palace of Eternal Life

In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Sheng finished the classic Qhaun-qi opera, The Palace of Eternal Life, a series of fifty operas. The opera, wi... (Read more)

Six Legends of Lanting --Faces of Variety in Kun Sheng Performing Art

Six Legends of Lanting refers to the ten classics zhe-zi-xi (highlights of famous operas) taken from six great Kunqu operas. Wen Yu-hang, a famous Kun... (Read more)

Quest for the Garden Saunter and the Interrupted Dream

Peony Pavilion can be said to be the most often adapted Kunqu Opera in history. The opera focuses on a “Dialogue of sound and emotions between Kunqu a... (Read more)

Portrait of Love

This is the second project featuring the troupe's 「iron triangle,」 director Dai Jun-fang, actress Yang Han-ru, and installation artist Shi Gongzhongha... (Read more)

Kite Romance

This play was written by Li Yu, a famous early Qing playwright. The plot line is tight-knit, the choreography thrilling. The version of the Taiwan Kun... (Read more)

The Wooden Hairpin

This play ranked as one of the Four Major Nanxi plays together with White Rabbit, Moon Pavilion, and Killing the Dog. The original play consists of 48... (Read more)

A Newly Composed Kunqu Opera Fan Li and Xi Shi

This play is adapted from Huanshaji, allegedly the first script of Kunqu written by the Ming playwright Liang Chen-yu. Chief of the troupe, Hong Wei-z... (Read more)