Title Chinese Title Works (English) Works (Chinese) Location
Lanting Kun Opera Troupe 蘭庭崑劇團 New Melody from the National Palace Museum---The Palace of Eternal Life Six Legends of Lanting --Faces of Variety in Kun Sheng Performing Art Quest for the Garden Saunter and the Interrupted Dream 故宮新韻:明皇幸蜀圖—經典崑劇 長生殿 百變崑生經典折子戲選粹—《蘭庭六記》 新古典崑劇《尋找遊園驚夢》 Taipei City
Taipei Chinese Orchestra 臺北市立國樂團 Listening to the Wind Singing under the Bright Moonlight Erhu Concerto Sunlight After Snowfall Liuqin Concerto A Cat’s Song Without Words 望月聽風 《快雪時晴》二胡協奏曲 《Cat’s 無言歌》柳琴協奏曲 Taipei City
Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater 小西園掌中劇團 Retrieve the Territory of Ch’u The Romance of Suei and Tang: Nan-Yang Pass The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu 台灣古典布袋藝術人才培育計劃–「許王說戲」之「復楚宮」 《隋唐演義》之〈南陽關〉 《三國演義》之〈斬華雄.戰呂布〉 Taipei City
Contemporary Legend Theatre 當代傳奇劇場 The Kingdom of Desire Medea Waiting for Godot King Lear 慾望城國 樓蘭女 等待果陀 李爾在此 Taipei City
Tung-Hua Skin Shadow Puppet Theater 東華皮影戲團 Ji Gong Fighting Monster Furong Journey to the West: The Adventure at Black Water River Journey to the West: Sun Wu-kong Fighting Princess Iron Fan 濟公大戰芙蓉妖 西遊記-黑水河遇險 西遊記-孫悟空大戰鐵扇公主 Kaohsiung City
Gang-a Tsui Theater 江之翠劇場 Whispering from the Rear Garden Zhubun Elopes with the Ghost 後花園絮語 朱文走鬼 New Taipei City
Chin Fei Feng Marionette Theatre Troupe 錦飛鳳傀儡戲劇團 Peach Blossom Fairy Fighting Daoist Zhou Celebrating the Arrival of Spring on the Lantern Festival Clumsy Aunt Tigress 桃花女鬥周公 嘉禮迎春戲元宵 不及格的虎姑婆 Kaohsiung City
Chai Found Music Workshop 采風樂坊 Parading in the Street-Jiang Nan Sizhu Music The Battle Field:Ambush from Ten Sides Taiwan-2e2m 江南絲竹 行街 戰場/十面埋伏 Taiwan-2e2m Taipei City
Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe 廖文和布袋戲團 Brave Guy 大勇俠 Keelung City
1/2 Q Theatre 二分之一Q劇場 Willow Dreams of Plum Romance of the Red Chamber Portrait of Love 柳.夢.梅 風月 情書 Keelung City