Title Chinese Title Works (English) Works (Chinese) Location
Sound to Heaven Lileh of Bunun Tribe 南投縣信義鄉布農文化協會 The Sound Of Unyielding Lives: Traditional Music Of The Bunun Tribe Bunun (Dcumentary of theTraditional Life and Culture of the Bunun Tribe) 布農Lileh之聲 布農Bunun, 原住民布農族傳統生活文化在地影像記錄 Nantou County
Li Chuen Yuan 梨春園北管樂團 Lo-Yang Music 2013 Ceremonies and Festivities to Celebrate Lord Xi-Chin’s Birthday by Changhua Li Chuen Yuan Remove the Combat Vest A Legend Behind the Rabbit Hunting Journey (Grab the Baton) 洛陽歌 千秋排場2013彰化梨春園西秦王爺聖誕祭典暨表演活動 滿床笏〈卸甲〉 劉知遠白兔記〈奪棍〉 Changhua County
PUPPET & ITS DOUBLE 無獨有偶工作室劇團 Monkey King At Spider Cave 光影嬉遊記 Yilan County
National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 臺灣國樂團 The Legend of the Wind Lion God Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song Mountain Music Golden Snake Dance The Beautiful Taiwan 風獅爺傳奇 歌仔主題隨想曲 山樂 金蛇狂舞 臺灣四季 Taipei City
GuoGuang Opera Company 國光劇團 Flowing Sleeves and Rouge One Hundred Years on Stage Meng Xiaodong The Golden Cangue Journey through Hell 水袖與胭脂 百年戲樓 孟小冬 金鎖記 閻羅夢-天地一秀才 Taipei City
Chen His-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe 陳錫煌傳統掌中劇團 Chen Shi-huang’s Life in Puppetry Rainy Flower Temple 陳錫煌的偶戲人生 飛劍奇俠:花雨寺 Taipei City
Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company 唐美雲歌仔戲團 Love and Pregnancy The Symphony of Fate The Immortal Lovers Who Is My Bride? Deathless Beauty 添燈記 金水橋畔 無情遊 梨園天神桂郎君 燕歌行 New Taipei City
Miao-Li Chen Family Beiguan Ba-yin Group 苗栗陳家班北管八音團 Wai Si Tao (a refined song played by silk and bamboo musical instruments) Fortune, Wealth, and Longevity (Da-chui-da) Liu Ban (Eight Sounds of Xian-suo) 外四套(絲竹細樂) 福祿壽(大吹打) 六板(弦索八音) Miaoli County
Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe 榮興客家採茶劇團 A Fated Love Affair Flirtation at a Public House Exhortations from a Virtuous Wife to Her Husband Hegemon-King of Western Chu and Consort Yu 緣訂三生 糶酒 賢女勸夫 霸王虞姬 Miaoli County
Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe 春美歌劇團 Switch Heart Off A Beautiful Dream Of Youth 將軍寇 變心 青春美夢 Kaohsiung City