Title Chinese Title Works (English) Works (Chinese) Location
Seediq’s Traditional Culture and Arts Troupe 賽德克傳統文化藝術團 A Documentary Film on The Traditional Seediq Culture A Sad Song on the Hardships of Being a Mother 賽德克傳統文化影像紀實 《uyas nagih kuhul 傷心歌- uyas nurasn bubu 母親辛勞歌》 Nantou County
Troupe of Acrobatics of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts 國立臺灣戲曲學院綜藝團 Bamboo Pole Acrobatics 扛高竿、散梯竿 Taipei City
Taipei Hua-sheng Nanguan Music Club 臺北市華聲南樂團 Entering the Garden A Melody on the River 直入花園 看滿江 Taipei City
Taipei Chinese Orchestra 臺北市立國樂團 Erhu Concerto Sunlight After Snowfall 《快雪時晴》二胡協奏曲 Taipei City
Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater 鴻勝醒獅團 A Dialogue of the Lions 獅子對話 Taipei City
Chin Fei Feng Marionette Theatre Troupe 錦飛鳳傀儡戲劇團 Celebrating the Arrival of Spring on the Lantern Festival Clumsy Aunt Tigress 嘉禮迎春戲元宵 不及格的虎姑婆 Kaohsiung City
Liao Wen-ho Puppet Show Troupe 廖文和布袋戲團 Brave Guy 大勇俠 Keelung City
Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe 一心歌仔戲劇團 Duan Xiu 斷袖 Taipei City
Meinong Hakka Bayin Music 美濃客家八音團 Bay-in Music and Religious Festivals A Sixteen-year-old Lass 八音與祭典 二八佳人 Kaohsiung City
Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts 國立臺灣戲曲學院京劇團 Children Theatre -- 7 Dwarfs in Forest 森林七矮人 Taipei City