Title Chinese Title Works (English) Works (Chinese) Location
Gang-a Tsui Theater 江之翠劇場 Whispering from the Rear Garden Zhubun Elopes with the Ghost 後花園絮語 朱文走鬼 New Taipei City
GuoGuang Opera Company 國光劇團 Flowing Sleeves and Rouge One Hundred Years on Stage Meng Xiaodong The Golden Cangue Journey through Hell 水袖與胭脂 百年戲樓 孟小冬 金鎖記 閻羅夢-天地一秀才 Taipei City
Hanyan Beiguan Troupe 漢陽北管劇團 The Battle of Luohua River Visiting Younger Sister Wang Ying Leaving Er-long Mountain Xue Ping-guei Crossing Three Gates 洛花河 探妹 王英下山 走三關 Yilan County
Hecheng Hakka Bayin Musical Troupe 和成八音團 A Sixteen-year-old Lass An Early Morning Pregnancy 二八佳人 清晨早 懷胎 Taoyuan City
Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater 小西園掌中劇團 Retrieve the Territory of Ch’u The Romance of Suei and Tang: Nan-Yang Pass The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Beheading Hua Xiung and Fighting against Lu Bu 台灣古典布袋藝術人才培育計劃–「許王說戲」之「復楚宮」 《隋唐演義》之〈南陽關〉 《三國演義》之〈斬華雄.戰呂布〉 Taipei City
Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater 鴻勝醒獅團 Prelude to Good Fortune Strike the Chariot Drums 酬神-官將首 擂鼓戰車 Taipei City
Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater 鴻勝醒獅團 A Dialogue of the Lions 獅子對話 Taipei City
Jing-Ju Opera Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts 國立臺灣戲曲學院京劇團 Rashomon Children Theatre -- 7 Dwarfs in Forest Ghostdom River 羅生門 森林七矮人 闇河渡 Taipei City