Title Chinese Title Works (English) Works (Chinese) Location
Hung Sheng Lion Dance Theater 鴻勝醒獅團 Prelude to Good Fortune Strike the Chariot Drums 酬神-官將首 擂鼓戰車 Taipei City
Seediq’s Traditional Culture and Arts Troupe 賽德克傳統文化藝術團 Performance of Seediq Jaw Harps A Documentary Film on The Traditional Seediq Culture Tracks of Ancestors A Sad Song on the Hardships of Being a Mother 賽德克族口簧琴 賽德克傳統文化影像紀實 kngdusan rudan Sediq sbiyaw祖先的腳蹤 《uyas nagih kuhul 傷心歌- uyas nurasn bubu 母親辛勞歌》 Nantou County
Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe 永興樂皮影劇團 The Five Generals’ Conquering of the Western Region: White Crane Pass Flesh-cutting 五虎平西.白鶴關 割股(肚) Kaohsiung City
Troupe of Acrobatics of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts 國立臺灣戲曲學院綜藝團 Plate-turning Acrobatics Leaping through Hula Hoops Bamboo Pole Acrobatics 轉盤 穿地圈 扛高竿、散梯竿 Taipei City
Nei Men Zi Zhu Temple 內門紫竹寺 Song-Jiang Formation in Neimen 內門宋江陣 Kaohsiung City
Chio Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe 九天民俗技藝團 The Traveler: San- Tai-zi 行者三太子 Taichung City
Taipei Hua-sheng Nanguan Music Club 臺北市華聲南樂團 Entering the Garden A Melody on the River Raising the Golden Cup 直入花園 看滿江 舉起金杯 Taipei City
Contemporary Legend Theatre 當代傳奇劇場 The Kingdom of Desire Medea Waiting for Godot King Lear 慾望城國 樓蘭女 等待果陀 李爾在此 Taipei City
Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation For Culture and Education 財團法人廖瓊枝歌仔戲文教基金會 Wang Kuei’s Betrayal of Guei-ying The Burning of Red Lotus Temple Wang Bao-chuan 王魁負桂英 火燒紅蓮寺 王寶釧 Taipei City
Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre 台北新劇團 The Scholar of Ba-Shan The Battle of Wei-Nan The Wilderness The Jester 巴山秀才 渭南之戰 原野 弄臣 Taipei City