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Science Fiction and Mystery

Chen Kuowei, Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Transnational Cultural Studies, National Chung Hsing University

From the Japanese colonial period to the present, Taiwanese popular literature has a history of over one hundred years. Because this literature is the ... (Read more)

Works and Authors
Adrift in a Virtual City
Adrift in a Virtual City Mr. Pets

The year is 2020 and Taipei is slowly recovering from a massive earthquake that occurred near Taoyuan County’s Turtle Mountain six years earlier. But ... (Read more)

Mislocation: the Tapeworm Murder Case
Mislocation: the Tapeworm Murder Case Lan Xiao

On the surface, Lan Xiao’s Mislocation: the Tapeworm Murder Case (2004) is an orthodox work of detective fiction. By means of two criminal cases that ... (Read more)

Starlight Sweeps Across Lishui Street
Starlight Sweeps Across Lishui Street Lucifer Hung

An early short story, “Starlight Sweeps Across Lishui Street” is one of Lucifer Hung’s most representative works of fiction. Located across from Natio... (Read more)

Dream Awakening Song
Dream Awakening Song Ping Lu

The story begins with a thunderclap: A man’s corpse, long decomposing in the waters of Lake Michigan, awakens from a long sleep. Although the man died... (Read more)

The Execution Will Take Place Tonight
The Execution Will Take Place Tonight Si Ting

China’s “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976) has been called the country’s most deformed and chaotic period. To reinforce his political power, Mao Zedong... (Read more)

The Ghost of The Badminton Court
The Ghost of The Badminton Court Lin Siyan (Lin Szu-Yen)

“The Ghost of the Badminton Court” is the story of a baffling murder case that takes place at Pacific Normal College. One morning two Tian He Universi... (Read more)

The City Trilogy: Five Jade Disks, Defenders of the Dragon City, Tale of a Feather
The City Trilogy: Five Jade Disks, Defenders of the Dragon City, Tale of a Feather Zhang Xiguo (Chang Hsi-Kuo)

Though fruit and flowers must fall, scattered by the wind, Sunlon City will be reborn! Five Jade Disks, p. 110 1 Love and war form the main axes of... (Read more)

Membrane Ji Dawei (Ta-Wei, Chi)

Ji Dawei(Ta-Wei, Chi)’s “Membrane,” (1995) a Queer sci-fi novella set in a futuristic metropolis, investigates the fluidity and diversity of sexual de... (Read more)

The Man with Compound Eyes
The Man with Compound Eyes Wu Mingyi (Wu Ming-Yi)

How can we who have only have single eyes understand that starry, compound-eyed world? In Wu Mingyi’s 2011 novel The Man with the Compound Eyes the... (Read more)

Zero and Other Fictions
Zero and Other Fictions Huang Fan

Huang Fan’s dystopian Zero and Other Fictions won the 1981 United Daily News Literature Award for Novellas. Following a worldwide nuclear catastrophe,... (Read more)

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Lamb (Film)
Lamb (Film)

Zheng Binghong, Film Critic Xiao Lixiu wrote, directed, and edited Lamb (2003), his film debut. At the beginning of the twenty-first century Taiwanes... (Read more)

Sweet Alibis (Film)
Sweet Alibis (Film)

Lue Ren, Mystery Writer Director Lian Yiqi’s Sweet Alibis (2014) stars Su Youpeng as veteran policeman Wang Zhiyi and actress Lin Yichen as rookie co... (Read more)

The Fourth Portrait (Film)
The Fourth Portrait (Film)

Wang Wanrui, post-doctoral researcher, Taiwan Research Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong Following the documentary Doctor (2006) and the dram... (Read more)

The Wall-Passer (Film)
The Wall-Passer (Film)

Zheng Binghong, Film Critic The Wall-passer (2007) is famed poet, curator, critic, writer, and director Hong Hong’s fourth feature film. The ... (Read more)

Taiwan Black Movies (Documentary Film)
Taiwan Black Movies (Documentary Film)

Ji Wenzhang, Documentary Film Director Director Hou Jiran’s documentary Taiwan Black Movies looks at the “social realist” films t... (Read more)

One Day  (Film)
One Day (Film)

Sun Xinping, Poet One Day (2010, director Hou Jiran’s first feature-length drama, constructs a fate/time-space Möbius strip on the theme... (Read more)

Silk (Film)
Silk (Film)

Lin Wanxuan, Associate Professor, Department of Applied English, Yuanpei University of Medical Technology Led by crippled Japanese scientist Hashim... (Read more)

Black & White (TV Serial)
Black & White (TV Serial)

Yang Shengbo, PhD student, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Taiwan University Black & White premiered on Taiwan Public Televis... (Read more)

Bride in Hell (Film)
Bride in Hell (Film)

Lin Fangmei, Professor and Department Chairperson, Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature, National Taiwan University The film Bri... (Read more)

Soul (Film)
Soul (Film)

Zhang Yaosheng After the Taiwanese market opened to Western films in the 1990s, local pictures fared poorly at the box office. Consequently, there ... (Read more)