Installation Art

Installation Art

Installation Art is a new art form developed in the 1970s.  In a broad sense, installation art stands for the creation that represent artists』 own ideas of arts by display existed objects in space, which make the object itself and the surrounding space an art work.

HUANG Shih-Chieh (1975 - )

HUANG Shih-Chieh’s works are a combination of science and biology. His installations, composed of ev... (Read more)

HUANG Hsin-Chien (1966 - )
Flowing Clouds, Water Sleeves

Elegantly poetic dance movements of gentle, flowing gestures are showcased on the mechanical install... (Read more)

WANG Wen-Chih (1959 - )
Beyond the site II

Beyond the Site II is a site-specific work for the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts’ unique archi... (Read more)

WANG Wen-Chih (1959 - )
Beyond the Site

The work uses giant log slices as its materials, while it also adopts the technique of the tradition... (Read more)

Lee Ming-Sheng (1952 - )
LEE Ming-Sheng is 150 cm Tall

This is a collection of Lee’s work from 1981 to 1998, including videos of his performance acts, more... (Read more)