Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Mixed Media stands for the creation of various mediums in the field of visual art.  Apart from multimedia art, mixed media normally represent with traditional visual art materials and excludes media elements such as images and sound.

疲軟世界 – M16 & AK47
CHIU Chao-Tsai (1977 - )
The World of Fatigue - M16 & AK47

The World of Fatigue is a series work which the artist has developed since 2009. Chiu particularly c... (Read more)

The Rotatory Portraits
Agi CHEN (1980 - )
The Rotatory Portraits

The Rotatory Portraits was created in 2013 during the artist’s residency in Scotland. Chen ret... (Read more)

函數色彩- Beanotown
Agi CHEN (1980 - )
Function Color - Beanotown

During the artist’s residency in Scotland. The prototype of these color symbols comes from Bea... (Read more)

衍練 David
HUANG Zan-Lun (1979 - )

Dolly, the first cloned sheep, was born in 2002. Since then, genetic engineering has taken a huge st... (Read more)

安妮 Anne
HUANG Zan-Lun (1979 - )

Anne is the animalized creature created by HUANG Zan-Lun. Unlike Cyborg in his early stage which com... (Read more)

Isa HO (1977 - )
I Got SuperStrong Courage - Wen(Gentle), Liang(Intelligent), Gong(Respect), Jian(Frugal), Rang(Surrender)

There are five works in I Got Super Strong Courage series – Wen(Gentle), Liang(Intelligent), G... (Read more)

之間 – 誰
CHIU Chao-Tsai (1977 - )
In between – Whom

The work uses segmented moving frame to change the structure of the words. The complete text include... (Read more)

JAO Chia-En (1976 - )
30 Proposals of coat of Arms

30 proposals of coat of Arms is a symbol system about the new cultural entity the artist has been wo... (Read more)

KAO Jun-Honn (1973 - )
Novel-Chang Cheng Kuang

Artist KAO Jun-Honn started to review the artistic projects he completed over the last few years thr... (Read more)

素描紙 20121118
LAI Chih-Sheng (1971 - )
Drawing Paper 20121118

“To paint is usually to produce a subject on a plane, or to create various different things to allow... (Read more)

CHEN Chun-Hao (1971 - )
Imitating Landscape with Pavilions by Yan Wengui, Northern Song Dynasty, Late 10th century

Imitating Landscape with Pavilions by Yan Wen-Gui, Northern Song Dynasty, Late 10th Century was rele... (Read more)

CHEN Chun-Hao (1971 - )
Imitating Autumn Colors of the Eastern Fence after Li Hsiang, Song Dynasty, Late 14th Century

All of the antiquarian Chinese paintings that CHEN Chun-Hao chose to reproduce with mosquito nails h... (Read more)

CHEN Chun-Hao (1971 - )
Imitating Facing River and Sitting Alone by Fan Kuan, Song Dynasty, Early 12th Century

CHEN Chun-Hao started making imitations of antiquarian Chinese paintings with “mosquito nails” and “... (Read more)

LIU Shin-Tung (1970 - )
Land Ethic: Regeneration

With turtles brought to the highest summit in Taiwan, Mt. Jade, to be symbolically “set-free”, LIU S... (Read more)

HUNG Yi (1970 - )
Blue and White Dog

The body of this Blue and White Dog is the fusion of traditional folkloric lines, landscapes created... (Read more)

野野村 No.1
FANG Wei-Wen (1970 - )
Yehyeh Village No.1

Born in 1970 in Brunei, FANG Wei-Wen later moved to Taiwan to study. Situated in Taiwan and also of ... (Read more)

YAO Jui-Chung (1969 - )
The Monuments: with the Sacrifices of Faunas

This is a video installation that connects conceptual photography with tangible objects. Underneath ... (Read more)

PENG Hsien-Hsiang (1968 - )
Remote Village

Recounts of extensive migrations for settlements in various locations are intricately connected to t... (Read more)

PENG Hsien-Hsiang (1968 - )
Shyang-Jou Gong

Tong-Por TayandShyang-Jou Gongare works of assemblage, which appropriate the style of traditional Ha... (Read more)

PENG Hsien-Hsiang (1968 - )
Tong-Por Tay

Tong-Por Tay and Shyang-Jou Gong are works of assemblage, which appropriate the style of traditional... (Read more)

PENG Hsien-Hsiang (1968 - )

Homeland complex is often described as the key element for the Hakka ethnic consciousness, suggestin... (Read more)

HUNG Tung-Lu (1968 - )

Android is a fictional character created by HUNG Tung-Lu, with the name’s original meaning being “ro... (Read more)

HUNG Tung-Lu (1968 - )

With the similar concern portrayed in Android, Disclosure shows the Buddha mudra of the lotus hand, ... (Read more)

HUNG Tung-Lu (1968 - )

Heavily influenced by the cultures of video games and anime, the post-modern character Xiao Hung, cr... (Read more)

HUNG Tung-Lu (1968 - )
The Birth

The Birth is from HUNG Tung-Lu’s Nirvana Series, and it is a recount of one of the “A-may” girls Xia... (Read more)

天下的媽媽都是一樣的? -拾願與形塑
TSAI Hai-Ru (1967 - )
Are All Mothers Alike? – Make a Wish and Shape

It was in 2007 that I called for all mothers to join my creative project through the Internet. They ... (Read more)

TSAI Hai-Ru (1967 - )
Two or One?

With the identity of being a mother becoming a part of her life, TSAI Hai-Ru has since then begun cr... (Read more)

LI Jiun-Yang (1967 - )
Fairest Fairies Fair, Phû-lōng-kòng Blossom

Inspired by the grass-root culture, LI Jiun-Yang has successfully integrated everyday symbols with t... (Read more)

HUANG Hsin-Chien (1966 - )
Expression Chassis

For technological and interactive arts, audience participation often plays an integral role for the ... (Read more)

HSU Ruey-Shiann (1966 - )

What shape does memory take on? SHYU Ruey-Shiann’s kinetic installation provides us with a vivid int... (Read more)

YUAN Goang-Ming (1965 - )
Reasons of Insomnia

With the interactive video installment, YUAN Goang-Ming seek for the answers to questions realted to... (Read more)

LIU Shih-Fen (1964 - )
Clinical Path of Sphinx

As a winged creature with a lion’s body and a human head in ancient Egyptian mythology, Sphinx has f... (Read more)

Michael LIN (1964 - )
Pillow No.7 Plus Home

Utlizing the traditional calico cloth in Taiwan, Lin has brought new life into it, while exposing st... (Read more)

SHI Jin-Hua (1964 - )
Pencil Walker

Half-naked man, labor work with simple rhythm, the body of Shi Jin-Hua is his own media to the very ... (Read more)

CHEN Shun-Chu (1963 - 2014)
The Wind Remembers: January the 3rd of Lunar Calendar

Family photos and images from personal life have play essetial roles in the art works of CHEN Shun- ... (Read more)

WANG Jun-Jieh (1963 - )

Eternal rejuvenation seems to be a collective desire of all human races, whichhas been observed from... (Read more)

LIN Hong-Wen (1961 - )

The artist transforms the litters collected form nature, such as floating artificial reef for oyster... (Read more)

LIN Hong-Wen (1961 - )

The artist transforms the litters collected form nature, such as floating artificial reef for oyster... (Read more)

LIN Hong-Wen (1961 - )

The artist transforms the litters collected form nature, such as floating artificial reef for oyster... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )
Life is Like a Dream

The titles of LU Hsien-Ming’s artworks often have some symbolic meaning and social reference, especi... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )
How Often Can One Enjoy Life?

The titles of LU Hsien-Ming’s artworks often have some symbolic meaning and social reference, especi... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )
The View from Near

The View from Afaris like an old Mainlander, borrowing the slogans such as “no haste, be patient” or... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )
The View from Afar

The View from Afar is like an old Mainlander, borrowing the slogans such as “no haste, be patient” o... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )

The progress of a flourishing city is often built on the small worries of ordinary people. This artw... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
Krazy Slow Theatre Series: Dreamscapes Known

This artwork illustrates three scenes with the settings, characters and props in unglazed greyish mi... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
All Whisper Deep Love

The square object on the right looks like an enthusiastic instructor reaching out his or her hands, ... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
Proper Landscape with Seeing Eye

With keen instincts based on her immersion in language, literature and theatre, CHOU has a great sen... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
A Paean to His Heroicness

There is a recurring imagery in Chou’s works that reflects her constant explorations of life. In thi... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
Skull Castle on the Lookout for Our Souls

Both the title and the imagery of this artwork can be interpreted in a literary sense. CHOU believes... (Read more)

CHOU Pang-Ling (1958 - )
His and Her Highness Being Each Other's Delight

His Highness and Her Highness were originally two independent pieces. Then the artist noticed that t... (Read more)

WU Ma-Li (1957 - )
Anecdotes of Hsingchuang Women

Using oral history methodology, WU Ma-Li interviewed several women who have worked at some textile f... (Read more)

WU Ma-Li (1957 - )

The female body has always been the object of male desire and gaze, and desire and gaze occupy a pos... (Read more)

WU Ma-Li (1957 - )

From the time when Martial Law was rescinded until the early 1990’s, many political candidates went ... (Read more)

WU Ma-Li (1957 - )

Meshed newspaper is the medium of this artwork. The sensational and ideological news articles are no... (Read more)

CHANG Yung-Tsuen (1957 - )
Variations of Ink Painting Series

CHANG Yung-Tsuen boldly broke through and experimented with the material, technique, expression, and... (Read more)

HUANG Chin-Ho (1956 - )
Water and Fire in Dao De Jing (the Book of Morals)

While elements of Taoist talismans can be found in this painting, the artist was not merely inspired... (Read more)

HUANG Chin-Ho (1956 - )
Rise of the Skandhas

HUANG Chin-Ho acknowledges the Taiwanese culture but takes a critical view when observing and interp... (Read more)

WU Tien-Chang (1956 - )
Show the Mutual Concern of the People in the Same Boat

The 4 figures in this story are paddling in an animated manner while walking on stilts and ultimatel... (Read more)

WU Tien-Chang (1956 - )
United in Our Effort

In this manifesto by WU Tien-Change, these two brothers were described as good friends who bonded in... (Read more)

WU Tien-Chang (1956 - )
Dream of the Past Eva II

The work adopts the cheap-and-garnish decoration, a shiny frame, a theatrical scene, and the model’s... (Read more)

MEI Dean-E (1954 - )
Confucius’ Confusion

Confucianism founded by Confucius has remained the core of the Chinese culture for thousands of year... (Read more)

MEI Dean-E (1954 - )
Give Me Hugs

Whenever this work is to be exhibited, some of the old national-flag cushions would be removed and n... (Read more)

MEI Dean-E (1954 - )
The Three Principles (of the People) Reunite China

This piece utilizes a puzzle technique to compose a portrait of SUN Yatsen and MAO Zedong. SUN Yatse... (Read more)

Jun T. LAI (1953 - )
Every Possibility is Contained within the Possible

Being and transformations are the essence of life and nature. “Transformations” are the ongoing cont... (Read more)

Jun T. LAI (1953 - )
Being and Transformation Black Sand Series: NY84003

On a dark abstract plane, heterogeneous sand is added, showing the artist’s exploration of shape, co... (Read more)

YANG Mao-Lin (1953 - )
MADE IN TAIWAN‧Slogan Section VI

Made in Taiwan Series is the most powerful declaration of YANG Mao-Lin to respond to “the subjective... (Read more)

海洋.生態 4
YEH Chu-sheng (1946 - )
The Ocean , the Environment 4

At a glance, the Ocean, the Environment 4 may not seem to express its theme—the oceans. But on a clo... (Read more)

YEH Chu-sheng (1946 - )
Brown / Characters

Brown / Characters are full of expressive drawing lines. They so freely move about on the canvas tha... (Read more)

CHEN Shui-tsai (1946 - )
Truck III

In this painting, a variety of trucks rush about on the main streets. The author takes a spontaneous... (Read more)

CHEN Shui-tsai (1946 - )
Truck II

Truck is among the most representative series of Chen Shui-tsai in the 1980s. The author uses bright... (Read more)

HUNG Gen-shen (1946 - )

One can see from Perseverance that the author attempts to break away from the traditional idea that ... (Read more)

迷情之 2
HUNG Gen-shen (1946 - )
Mesmerized 2

Human figures are an important symbol in Hung Gen-shen’s artworks. They show that the author have al... (Read more)

HUNG Gen-shen (1946 - )
Black Plot No. 21

Black was the color scheme most widely used by Kaohsiung artists to reflect upon society in the 1990... (Read more)

Daniel LEE (1945 - )
12 Animals

12 Animals is an early digital photography work of Daniel Lee. The author drew inspirations from a c... (Read more)

Lee Shi-chi (1938 - )
A Remote Memory 9189

Lee Shi-chi’s art-making style varies and he has demonstrated impressive performance in terms of the... (Read more)

Hsiao Ming-hsien (1936 - )
Image B

Hsiao Ming-hsien’s early abstract painting is best known for the sober expression style associated w... (Read more)

Hsiao Ming-hsien (1936 - )
Image A

Since the early stage of Hsiao Ming-hsien’s artistic practice, he has adopted the abstract form to r... (Read more)

Feng Jung-ruei (1934 - )

Feng Jung-ruei started adding calligraphic elements to his abstract artworks in the 1980s. This pain... (Read more)

Jhuang Jhe (1934 - )
Iron Wall

Abstraction for Jhuang is a way to bring all elements together in a painting. By integrating various... (Read more)

Jhuang Jhe (1934 - )

With water-soluble acrylic paint and oil paint paralleling and overlapping against one another on ca... (Read more)

Jhuang Jhe (1934 - )
From Day to Night

Although this painting was created during the artist’s early career life, it is not less charming fo... (Read more)

LU Hsien-ming (1959 - )
Grandpa's Allegory

Grandpa's Allegory was completed in 1996. The work is arranged in the style of middle age “altarpiec... (Read more)

WU Tien-chang (1956 - )
Attachment to the Mundane World

Wu Tien-chang’s Attachment to the Mundane World was inspired by the poster of Taiwanese director Hou... (Read more)

GUO Jen-chang (1949 - )
God Speed You

As a former researcher in Taiwanese folk art and a dedicated worker in the private sector, Guo is pa... (Read more)

Daniel LEE (1945 - )
Night Life

Daniel Lee’s “portrait” artwork is a combination of excellent photography skills and the subtle and ... (Read more)

Lee Shi-chi (1938 - )
Orientation Sprouting from the Root-14

Orientation Sprouting from the Root-14 (2005) was one of the Orientation Sprouting from the Root ser... (Read more)

Liao Shiou-ping (1936 - )
The Gate of Festivity

Based on printmaking techniques, the artist used symmetrical structures and abstract forms to create... (Read more)