Sculpture is part of styling art, and is an overall title for 「carve」 and 「mold」. Sculpture is actual three-dimensional works made from moldable materials.

虛空色染 觀無樓
HUANG Hsin-Chien (1966 - )
Void-gazing pavilion

Most people would be surprised to learn that this artwork is the condensation and the epitome of a t... (Read more)

LIN Hong-Wen (1961 - )

With the touch of the artist, the cold, solid metal becomes a sculpture, expressing itself in unique... (Read more)

技藝天熊貓夢露 II
YANG Mao-Lin (1953 - )
Panda Sarasvati-Monroe II

For YANG Mao-Lin, those famous characters in comic-cartoon and fairy tales have already become the c... (Read more)

YANG Mao-Lin (1953 - )
Canonization of the Gods – The Wonderland in Saha World of Maha

The main character of the work is Peter Pan, the little boy from Western literature, who can fly and... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
The Emergence of Dragon

Thus combines the physical movement of Tai-chi, which features the strength created from the softnes... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
Peaks Compete Beauty

After the year of 2000, the artist experienced a transition from the previous human figure sculpture... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
Cannot Let Go

Cannot Let Go is a representative work of the “Impermanence Series” which HSIEH has developed in the... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
New Lover and Old Lover

The artist abandons the traditional sculptural vocabulary which bases on volume but uses barbed wire... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
Joy and Sorrow

The artist combines the spaces adopted in sculpture and relief to create a multi-dimensional image o... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
Meet by Chance

Departing from the early detailed realistic style, HsiehTong-liang made a breakthrough by creating e... (Read more)

HSIEH Tong-liang (1949 - )
Walk Along

For many years, the artist has studied the various expressions of human figures. Through different k... (Read more)

Ju Ming (1938 - )
A Wood Sculpture of Lord Guan

Produced while Ju Ming was striving for breakthroughs in his art, this early 1970s work is an import... (Read more)

Ju Ming (1938 - )

His time spent in the US in 1981 was an important transformative period for Ju Ming as an artist. Th... (Read more)

Ju Ming (1938 - )
Cross Arms

Taichi was the subject of Ju Ming's post-nativist work. These works had a bold yet simple style, pos... (Read more)

Ju Ming (1938 - )
Taichi Series

For Ju Ming, the Taichi series represented a major break with his earlier works, which concentrated ... (Read more)

Huang Tu-shui (1895 - 1931)
Taiwan Buffalos

Though the works do not have strong textures or dynamic movement, they express a physical flow. One ... (Read more)