Oil paints and Acrylic colors

Oil paints and Acrylic colors

Oil Paints: use the blending of pigment and drying oil (such as flax oil, walnut oil and poppy oil), normally paint on clothes, wood boards or cardboard.  The pigment of oil painting has stronger concealing affect that can have multiple layers for rich color layers.

Acrylic colors: Acrylic colors are a new medium that obtains the characteristics of both oil paint and watercolor. Based on polymer lactescent raw material that is dissolvable in water, acrylic colors produce clearer texture like watercolors or thick texture as paints. Since more oil painter use acrylic colors to create, acrylic painting normally classified with oil painting.

就地度假模式演練 No.1
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
On the Spot Vacation Mode Practice No.1

In On the Spot Vacation Mode Practice No. 1, we see someone falling down but we cannot see the face.... (Read more)

蹩腳的心靈溝通練習 No.3
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Wacky Spirit Communication Practice No.3

Wacky Parade in 2010 was a turning point of Liao’s painting. In LIAO Yu-An’s works, w... (Read more)

惱人的虛情假愛 No.4
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Annoyingly Pretentious Love No.4

The title of LIAO Yu-An’s paintings usually speak out his feeling directly. The physical gestu... (Read more)

惱人的虛情假愛 No.3
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Annoyingly Pretentious Love No.3

The title of LIAO Yu-An’s paintings usually speak out his feeling directly. The physical gestu... (Read more)

蹩腳的小遊行 No.1
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Wacky Parade No.1

Wacky Parade in 2010 was a turning point of Liao’s painting. The main character, Birdman, is t... (Read more)

超難喝的珍珠奶茶 No.1
LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Disgusting Pearl Bubble Tea No.1

Since 2008, Liao’s birdman has become even bulkier, stretched as a balloon until it takes the ... (Read more)

LIAO Yu-An (1979 - )
Self-Portrait 1

Since Self-Portrait series, LIAO Yu-An has been developing the artistic character “Birdman&rdq... (Read more)

CHEN Ching-Yao (1976 - )
Dear Leader, We Love You !

In Dear Leader We Love You! series, the artist again shows his magical cosplay skill, dressed up as ... (Read more)

雙叉 =Double X
TANG Jo-Hung (1975 - )
XX =Double X

In a straightforward talk, Tang noted that an artist’s statement can be prejudiced or even pretentio... (Read more)

TANG Jo-Hung (1975 - )
People – Self, Twinity: Coexsistance

People . Self, Twinity: Coexsistance describes the coexistence of and interaction between self and o... (Read more)

TANG Jo-Hung (1975 - )
People-Self. Shooting in the Rain

The artist by this career stage abandoned all figural descriptions in replacement of sketch-like dra... (Read more)

TANG Jo-Hung (1975 - )
People-Self, Trinity : A Painful Scene

Consciously or not, we digest the things we experience in life and turn them into part of us. This m... (Read more)

TANG Jo-Hung (1975 - )
People – Self Dog

“People-self” has remained a critical theme in Hung’s works. Completed in 2002, People-Self Dog come... (Read more)

Landscape 97
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 97

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 78
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 78

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 64
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 64

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 68
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 68

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 11
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 11

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 33
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 33

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Landscape 12
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Landscape 12

The thematic Landscape series is also characterized by architectural colors, lines and structures. Y... (Read more)

Sky Blue XIII
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Sky Blue XIII

Initiated in 2001, Sky Blue is inherited with elements of space and architecture found in the artist... (Read more)

Sky Blue XI
CHEN Chien-Jung (1972 - )
Sky Blue XI

Initiated in 2001, Sky Blue is inherited with elements of space and architecture found in the artist... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )
Dialogue on Thoughts and Flesh

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )
Jumped Dream

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )
Invalid Flight Plan II

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )
Words in Words

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )
Trapped I

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

SHIEH Juin (1961 - )

The series of works by SHIEH Juin undoubtedly provide in-depth interpretation upon how painting coul... (Read more)

HUNG Tien-Yu (1960 - )
City in Blanks (Guanyin Mountain)

“City” is the embodiment of the Chinese ferocious mythological animal “tao-tie” which devours everyt... (Read more)

HUNG Tien-Yu (1960 - )
Lushan in 2000

HUNG Tien-Yu’s unique strokes have a handiwork-like touch. The broken fragments are exquisitely and ... (Read more)

HUNG Tien-Yu (1960 - )
Lushan in its Primitive Form

HUNG Tien-Yu’s unique strokes have a handiwork-like touch. The broken fragments are exquisitely and ... (Read more)

HUNG Tien-Yu (1960 - )
Miaoli Quartet

HUNG Tien-Yu juxtaposes his imagination and studies about the ecological environment of Miaoli with ... (Read more)

KUO Wei-Kuo (1960 - )
Reporting the Good News

This work maintains KUO Wei-Kuo’s persistent style of “creepy combination.” However, the images of b... (Read more)

KUO Wei-Kuo (1960 - )
Under a Banana Tree

The composition of this painting reminds us of Narcissus; the handsome young man from the Greek myth... (Read more)

KUO Wei-Kuo (1960 - )
Playing on the Swings

In this dim and eerie fictive world, the artist himself is the only character. Here we see him naked... (Read more)

KUO Wei-Kuo (1960 - )
Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is the early work in the Diagram of Commotion and Desire Series. At that time, the almost... (Read more)

KUO Wei-Kuo (1960 - )
As the Goat Wishes

KUO Wei-Kuo is best known for using symbolic objects as the prototypes of his artworks, presenting h... (Read more)

林徑的觀看 九
LIN Ju (1959 - )
Observing Forest VIIII

LIN Ju’s uncanny work is imbued with mystic messages. Unlike his other paintings which show a vast, ... (Read more)

LIN Ju (1959 - )
St. Mother and Child

The composition of this painting reminds us of Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin and Child with Saint Anne ... (Read more)

LU Hsien-Ming (1959 - )
Adoration for Her

An architectural monster like a viaduct is everywhere in the city. It is the conveyer belt to transp... (Read more)

LEE Ming-Tse (1957 - )
Never Doubting after the Age of Forty

This work has some simple pleasure combined with the authentic taste of Taiwan. It can be regarded a... (Read more)

LEE Ming-Tse (1957 - )
Taiwan, from Head to Toe

The island of Taiwan is placed horizontally in a vast, wavy ocean in this painting, which is reminis... (Read more)

LEE Ming-Tse (1957 - )
Rising Thoughts - Transparent Wind

In his 1994 series Rising Thoughts, he presented variations in expressions, like love, hatred, desir... (Read more)

SU Wang-Shen (1956 - )
Treasure Island

There are cats and dogs in the painting each occupying their own square rock, isolated from each oth... (Read more)

SU Wang-Shen (1956 - )
Open-air Theatrical Performance

The little beasts blindly following the parade teams and the way they stand against each other obvio... (Read more)

SU Wang-Shen (1956 - )
Zizhu New Village

There is a bullhorn shouting propaganda phrases and calling people for political gatherings to every... (Read more)

SU Wang-Shen (1956 - )
Riverside – Ferry

The landscape is mainly portrayed from a birds-eye-view, but panning and horizontal perspectives are... (Read more)

HUANG Chin-Ho (1956 - )
Rapture to the West

Rapture to the West uses the contradictory combination of a headless/brainless man, a chunky and lus... (Read more)

HUANG Chin-Ho (1956 - )
Celestial Hooligans

This painting features three ordinary-looking men. Their hilarious looks and cross-dressing style in... (Read more)

傷害世界症候群 II
WU Tien-Chang (1956 - )
A Symptom of the “Syndromes of the World Injury” II

Since 1986, the artist began developing the Syndromes of the World Injury series, unveiling the coll... (Read more)

CHEN Long-Sing (1955 - )
Immortal Journey amidst Clear Waters and Divine Peaks

CHEN Long-Sing is good at using composition to create intensity. The super-wide angle of this work p... (Read more)

CHEN Long-Sing (1955 - )
Son of the Great Earth

The images of CHEN Long-Sing’s paintings are constituted by numerous standardized objects, such as t... (Read more)

CHEN Long-Sing (1955 - )
Homeland at Sunset

Observing the amazing transformation of sunset and the cloud on the rural lanes is a very important ... (Read more)

熱蘭遮紀事 L9303
YANG Mao-Lin (1953 - )
Zealandia Memorandum L9303

Taiwan’s complicated history and the encounter with various cultures has made what it is today. YANG... (Read more)

熱蘭遮紀事 L9202
YANG Mao-Lin (1953 - )
Zealandia Memorandum L9202

Taiwan’s complicated history and the encounter with various cultures has made what it is today. YANG... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-Chang (1952 - )
Cattle Bathing in the Lotus Pond (Paddy and Lotus Series)

This is part of the Paddy and Lotus Series. It feels as if a horizontal long shot is being taken to ... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-Chang (1952 - )
Sunset (Paddyfield Series)

It can be seen, from the rich layers of light and shades and the sharp use of color in this painting... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-Chang (1952 - )
Breezing over Banana Trees (Paddyfield Series)

HUANG Ming-Chang is famous for a special kind of composition which makes a painting looks like part ... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-Chang (1952 - )
Gazing at the Sea (Gazing at the Sea Series)

HUANG Ming-Chang was born and raised in a coastal town in eastern Taiwan. Because he grew up in the ... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-Chang (1952 - )
Nightfall I (Paddyfield Series)

With an artist’s eye and a scientist’s spirit, Huang presents the many faces of rice paddies in Padd... (Read more)

JUO You-ruei (1950 - )

A brick wall, a mud wall and some tubes are portrayed through a highly realist, detailed approach in... (Read more)

JUO You-ruei (1950 - )

“The sense of time” is an important emphasis in the author’s works. She often depicts a tattered sub... (Read more)

峇里島系列 V
JUO You-ruei (1950 - )
Bali Series V

Following light and shades, walls became a recurrent motif of Juo You-ruei in the 1990s. During this... (Read more)

CHIU Ya-tsai (1949 - 2013)

In the painting Maid, the artist uses delicate and refined strokes to sketch the woman. The elegant ... (Read more)

CHIU Ya-tsai (1949 - 2013)
Young Man in Plait Shirt

The bright red background is rarely seen in Chiu Ya-tsai’s portrait painting. Therefore, the colors ... (Read more)

CHIU Ya-tsai (1949 - 2013)

The painting becomes a metaphor for the artist to define the meaning of life. The figure in the work... (Read more)

CHIU Ya-tsai (1949 - 2013)

The artist describes his own works as imagery-like life reality. He intentionally focuses on the col... (Read more)

CHIU Ya-tsai (1949 - 2013)

According to the general standard to judge human figures, Gorgeous is not gorgeous at all. Instead, ... (Read more)

CHEN Lai-hsin (1949 - )
Wanli Fishing Port

The author depicts a portside scene in which boats sail back to a fishing port to stay away from an ... (Read more)

CHEN Lai-hsin (1949 - )
Tianhou Temple, Lugang

Old town Lugang Chen Lai-hsin’s hometown. He often goes back there to make plein-air paintings, espe... (Read more)

CHEN Lai-hsin (1949 - )
Old Men at Tianhou Temple

As a local meeting point, the Tianhou Temple always sees some old people leisurely gathering togethe... (Read more)

CHEN Lai-hsin (1949 - )

The author describes the Night of Farmer’s Movement on May 20, 1988 as “the Night of Nightmares.” Th... (Read more)

CHEN Lai-hsin (1949 - )
Close friend

Close Friend is a portrait of the author’s good friend from National Taiwan Academy of Arts, photogr... (Read more)

J. C. KUO (1949 - )
Totem and Taboo - Conference Center

The artist appropriates the classical composition in Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci’s (1452~1519) Th... (Read more)

J. C. KUO (1949 - )
Chinese Complex

The situation of the Taiiety has always been the main subject throughout Kuo’s artistic practice. In... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-je (1948 - )

During the 1990s, HUANG Ming-je’s paintings experienced a transition toward semi-abstract art and ab... (Read more)

HUANG Ming-je (1948 - )
Happy New Year

In the early 1980s, the artist developed a series of detailed figurative paintings featuring decorat... (Read more)

YANG Cheng-yuan (1947 - )
The Office of the President

The Presidential Palace is not only a highly recognisable political symbol in Taiwan, but it also ca... (Read more)

YANG Cheng-yuan (1947 - )
The changing Face of Taiwan Governer-General's Office

The Changing Face of Taiwan Governor-General's Office is one of the most highly praised works in the... (Read more)

SHI Song (1947 - )
Reverence, Purity and Quietude

For many years, the artist has adopted the simple and yet honest “painting skill” while he also stud... (Read more)

YEH Chu-sheng (1946 - )
The Ocean , the Environment 7

The author sees the vast oceans as the origin of life. In The Ocean, the Environment, layers of ligh... (Read more)

YEH Chu-sheng (1946 - )
The Seed + F(23)

Seeds are symbols of life. The author uses seeds to indicate the unpredictability of life as it is p... (Read more)

CHEN Shui-tsai (1946 - )
Human Head 1994-08

The author believes that awareness of “a human being is the same as or distinct from other human bei... (Read more)

人頭 1994-07
CHEN Shui-tsai (1946 - )
Human Head 1994-07

The solemn-looking human faces in this series are profoundly symbolic. The author uses thick layers ... (Read more)

人頭 1994-01
CHEN Shui-tsai (1946 - )
Human Head 1994-01

The Human Head series marks the deepening of the author’s creative ideal in the 1990s. From realisti... (Read more)

HSI Muren (1943 - )

The author uses a horse stranded in a valley to indicate that traditional nomadic cultures tend to b... (Read more)

HSI Muren (1943 - )
Open Landscape

Clouds occupy the upper half of the picture in Open Landscape, solid and full of weight. Visually im... (Read more)

HSI Muren (1943 - )
A Tree in My Mind

As the title suggests, the author hopes to express her inner feelings by painting about nature. A Tr... (Read more)

HSI Muren (1943 - )

Hsi Muren has never attempted to portray nature objectively in Dawn. Rather, she adopts an unconvent... (Read more)

HSI Muren (1943 - )
Lotus in the morning

In Lotus in the Morning, a giant lotus leaf rises firmly in the center, gently protecting a lotus bu... (Read more)

銀湖 08-07
Paul CHIANG (1942 - )
Silver Lake 08-07

Silver Lake 08-07 is an abstract painting with a strong figural indication. Even though its use of c... (Read more)

對永恆的冥想 01-33
Paul CHIANG (1942 - )
Meditation on Eternity 01-33

Meditation on Eternity 01-33 is inspired by the author’s transcribing experience of the Heart Sutra.... (Read more)

Su Hsin-tien (1940 - )
Verdant Mountains Green Waters

In his "multiple twisting world period", Su Hsin-tien created a world of warped physics, where objec... (Read more)

Su Hsin-tien (1940 - )
A House Whose Interior Is Also the Exterior

This artwork contains various scenes from daily life in a twisted form. The artist applies the persp... (Read more)

Su Hsin-tien (1940 - )
The Dazzling Autumn Colors

In 1972, Su Hsin-tien started developing his cyclic space technique. Using theories from philosophy,... (Read more)

Su Hsin-tien (1940 - )
Camp Site Flocks of Sheep the Setting Sun and Seaside Winds

This work from the artist's Multiple Twisted World period depicts one of the multi-dimensional world... (Read more)

Hwang Chao-mo (1939 - )
Cliff Point (Maobitou Taiwan)

Hwang Chao-mo incorporated the lines and feel of Chinese painting in his oil paintings. His oils are... (Read more)

Hwang Chao-mo (1939 - )
Open Field (Xingyin Taiwan)

This landscape depicts Xinyin in southern Taiwan. In the simply composed work, the artist divides th... (Read more)

Hwang Chao-mo (1939 - )

Hwang Chao-mo's subjects and techniques were the main factors that made his style unique. He believe... (Read more)

Han Shiang-ning (1939 - )
Music at the Washington Square

Han Shiang-ning started working with spray painting in 1967, when his style became more realist and ... (Read more)

Han Shiang-ning (1939 - )
Men Who Listen to the Radio on the Streets

Han Shiang-ning liked to take long-shot photos of groups of people on the streets of New York, using... (Read more)

Han Shiang-ning (1939 - )
Princes Street

Han Shiang-ning, who moved to the US in the 1970s, liked to capture scenes around New York with a ca... (Read more)

Lin Hsin-yueh (1939 - )

After 1980, the subject of Lin Hsin-yueh’s paintings has shifted to the artist’s concern about the n... (Read more)

Lin Hsin-yueh (1939 - )
Chou-shui River

In the 1980s, Lin Hsin-yueh's style moved from surrealist to realist, and he started an in-depth stu... (Read more)

Lin Jia-yan (1938 - )

As a self-taught artist, Lin Jia-yan’s artistic career began with his personal exploration, experime... (Read more)

Lin Jia-yan (1938 - )
Small Streams Run Deep

When facing nature, Lin Jia-yan believes that “there is nothing for humans to be proud of.” He often... (Read more)

Lin Jia-yan (1938 - )
Outlet, Non-existent

The artist has always shown great sympathy for people and the concern about humanity in his artistic... (Read more)

Lin Jia-yan (1938 - )
City Corner

Lin Jia-yan’s works often feature symbolic figures such as ghosts or skeletons and surrealistic scen... (Read more)

Lin Jia-yan (1938 - )

When it is about art-making, Lin Jia-yan believes that “we should work on the software first, then t... (Read more)

Liu Gung-yi (1938 - )
Flowing Rays of Light

The natural landscape has always been an important theme in Liu Gung-yi’s painting. However, his lan... (Read more)

Liu Gung-yi (1938 - )
The Remote Thunder

In 1981, Liu Gung-yi resigned from the teaching position to become a professional painter. He had le... (Read more)

Liu Gung-yi (1938 - )
The Bridge

The grayish hues which permeate almost the whole painting create a tranquil but yet desolate atmosph... (Read more)

Liu Gung-yi (1938 - )
Inside a Temple

Liu Gung-yi’s first solo exhibition was held in 1962, since then he has experienced a life-time jour... (Read more)

Liu Gung-yi (1938 - )

In 1957, Liu Gung-yi started studying painting with his father Liu Chi-hsiang and had participated i... (Read more)

Pan Chau-sen (1938 - )
Apples and Black Panty

His early style is no longer seen in this painting. The space in this painting is clearly and exactl... (Read more)

Pan Chau-sen (1938 - )
By the Port

During his military service, he was assigned to Matsu. The fishing village on the seashore, the ston... (Read more)

Pan Chau-sen (1938 - )
Longing for Home (Man Who Misses Home)

Pan Chau-sen’s paining has its own uniqueness in terms of the shape of the figures, the atmosphere o... (Read more)

Pan Chau-sen (1938 - )
Girl in Pondering

In 1968, he won the third prize of “The 23rd Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” with the work G... (Read more)

Pan Chau-sen (1938 - )

The background of the painting is the dark blue ocean and its quiet surface, which highlights the fo... (Read more)

Lee Shi-chi (1938 - )
Work No.12

In the 1970s, Lee Shi-chi’s artistic practice gradually becomes more peaceful, graceful, elegant, an... (Read more)

Lee Shi-chi (1938 - )
Drunken Drawing

This painting is one of the works in the Series of Great Calligraphy. In the peaceful space, a thin ... (Read more)

Liao Shiou-ping (1936 - )
Door of the Orient

This work is from The Signs of Life Series, and viewers can see scissors, comb, fan, ruler, chopstic... (Read more)

Liao Shiou-ping (1936 - )
Door of Mirror

The Mark on the Door Series has opened up the door for Liao Shiou-ping to adopt symbols as the eleme... (Read more)

Liao Shiou-ping (1936 - )
Gods of the Temple II

Since the early stage of his artistic practice, Liao Shiou-ping has adopted the folk cultural practi... (Read more)

Gu Fu-sheng (1935 - )
A Fine Day

Human has always been the most important subject in Gu Fu-sheng’s artistic practice. From the early ... (Read more)

Gu Fu-sheng (1935 - )

Gu Fu-sheng moved to San Francisco in 1974. The bright sun and the slow pace of life help relax his ... (Read more)

Gu Fu-sheng (1935 - )

This painting belongs to the “Green Period” when Gu Fu-sheng created these figures as the reflection... (Read more)

Gu Fu-sheng (1935 - )

This painting is one of the early works Gu Fu-sheng has created in Taiwan. At this stage, the human ... (Read more)

Gu Fu-sheng (1935 - )

The painting used to belong to the collection of Shiy Der Chin. Later, Shiy Der Chin Foundation dona... (Read more)

Chen Jeng-shiung (1935 - )

Color has always taken an important role in Chen Jeng-shiung’s painting. He is good at using strong ... (Read more)

Chen Jeng-shiung (1935 - )
Blaze of Love

After the 1980s, Chen Jeng-shiung’s artistic practice entered the stage of maturity. He had accumula... (Read more)

Chen Jeng-shiung (1935 - )
Time-honored Houses

Since 1959, Chen Jeng-Shiung has started exploring the possibility of abstract art. In 1960, he fina... (Read more)

Chen Jeng-shiung (1935 - )
A Red Vase

Chen Jeng-shiung won the Merit Award of “The 19th Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” with this ... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Crossing the Utmost Bounds No.147

Because of the death of his daughter in 1990, he was overwhelmed by the sorrow which stopped him fro... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Renaissance of China No.18

The visual conflict created by colors and proportions suggests the possibility of the balance. Shiao... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Zen No.9

The simple line stands firmly in the huge space of blankness as if it is dividing the painting in tw... (Read more)

Feng Jung-ruei (1934 - )
Painting 91-16

Throughout the years, Feng Jung-ruei’s style has continued to evolve. For instance, in the late 1980... (Read more)

Jhuang Jhe (1934 - )

Jhuang seeks to bring ink painting to a whole new level in the modern world. Not only that he solely... (Read more)

Jhuang Jhe (1934 - )

Artist Jhuang Jhe embodies tradition in modern paintings. He takes nature as the subject matter in m... (Read more)

Chen Jing-rong (1934 - )
A Plaza in Rome(I)

The human figures in Chen’s works are noted for their sadness. The landscapes in his works, on the o... (Read more)

Chen Jing-rong (1934 - )
In Her Dreamland

Chen Jing-rong’s works are mostly based on compact sketches and a strict composition. A naked woman,... (Read more)

Chen Jing-rong (1934 - )
Nighttime Contemplation

Quietness and sadness are the two most felt auras in Chen’s works. Chen portrays a real-life scene w... (Read more)

Chen Jing-rong (1972 - )

Skinny naked women and grayish green and blue colors are typically found in Chen’s works. A mature, ... (Read more)

Chen Jing-rong (1934 - )
Still Life with a Cow Skull

This still-life painting is composed of a few objects in a studio setting carefully painted by the a... (Read more)

Huo Gang (1932 - )
Untitled (I)

Huo Gang always turns complicated images into simple signs and shapes in his works. In this painting... (Read more)

Huo Gang (1932 - )

Huo Gang uses absolute geometric shapes to create his unique world of art, where viewers are free to... (Read more)

Huo Gang (1932 - )

Huo was influenced by hard-edge art and spacism after he moved to Italy. His works created from the ... (Read more)

Huo Gang (1932 - )

Huo Gang developed a geometric approach for his abstract works nearly 60 years ago and still adheres... (Read more)

Huo Gang (1932 - )

Color fields and geometric shapes are the two most well-known elements in his works. This painting, ... (Read more)

Wu Hao (1932 - )
Hydrangea Flowers and Fruits

Wu Hao emphasize “fun” a lot in his works because painting is a way to anchor his displaced spirit a... (Read more)

Wu Hao (1932 - )
A Drama

Although childlike fun and folk art are manifested in many of Wu Hao’s early works, in those days, h... (Read more)

Wu Hao (1932 - )

This work of art was originally collected by artist Shyi Der-Jinn. It was only after Shyi died that ... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )
A Guy Wearing Jeans

After he moved to New York, the United States, Xia Yang learned about super-realism (photorealism) a... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )

Xia Yang was not able to develop a creative style of his own until 1953. But soon after he moved to ... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )
Japanese Surgeon

Xia Yang noted that the “fuzzy people” in his works are “human figures without flesh.” Famous artist... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )

This painting belongs to the Fuzzy People series. The background is composed of simple, sparse color... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )
Painting BC-3

Ever since the Fuzzy People series, Xia has continued creating super-realistic artworks. He sticks t... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )
Calling Home

The artist introduces abstractionized scenery to large areas of paint to distinguish the foreground ... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )
Kazakh Settlement

Based on images from an objective reality, Chen Yin-huei created a world of subjective shapes and co... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )
At Thailand

By the 1980s, the author had abandoned the abstractionist approach of painting flat areas of paint. ... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )
Repairing the Boat

For some time in the 1960s, influenced by cubism, Chen would compose pictures by dividing them into ... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )

The artist favored a two-dimensional treatment of his works in the 1960s through flat areas of paint... (Read more)

Chen Yin-huei (1931 - )
A wall

This early work of Chen carries a strong cubist style although the painted surface is not so clearly... (Read more)

Ho Chao-chu (1931 - )
Sunset at An-ping

Sunset at An-ping, Tainan is the subject matter of this painting. Unsophisticated, historic houses a... (Read more)

Ho Chao-chu (1931 - )
By the Pond

For this artwork, Ho was awarded the third prize of the 24th Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition. The ar... (Read more)

Ho Chao-chu (1931 - )
Jiu-fen,the village in the Mountain

During a trip to Japan in the 1960s, Ho saw some cubist paintings by Picasso and was profoundly amaz... (Read more)

Ho Chao-chu (1931 - )
Flowers & Fruits

Ho was awarded the second prize at the 19th Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition for Flower and Fruits. T... (Read more)

Ho Chao-chu (1931 - )
Nanzhuang Village

This painting was created in the 1960s when Ho was introduced to cubism. The artist attempted to cre... (Read more)

SU Wang-shen (1956 - )
An Island of Castles

Su created the An Island of Castles while he was a resident artist in Matsu in 1999. The painting’s ... (Read more)

HU Kun-jung (1955 - )
8 Over 8

8 Over 8 is composed by 8 pieces of rectangular canvas in different sizes and lengths. The length of... (Read more)

YANG Mao-lin (1953 - )
Behavior of Game Playing: Fighting Section

Yang expressed his talent to the painting community of Taiwan for the first time with “Graphic Heroe... (Read more)

JUO You-ruei (1950 - )
Banana Series: 7

In 1975, when “Banana” series was first exhibited in American Culture Center, Juo represented the li... (Read more)

LU I-jung (1949 - )
Stonework and Ivorywork

Stonework and Ivorywork, created in 1987, is a representative piece of the “Stone Age” series. Prehi... (Read more)

HWANG Chao-mo (1939 - )
Purple Mountain in Chipen, Taiwan

In addition to an “open” perspective, which is characteristic of Hwang’s Chinese landscape painting,... (Read more)

Richard LIN (1933 - 2011)
The First Summer Day in 1969

What do we see before us?Books cannot fully express our words, and words cannot fully express our th... (Read more)

CHEN Yin-huei (1931 - )
Still Life

The artist makes a smart use of red, blue, yellow and white to create warmth and happiness in Still ... (Read more)

HO Chao-chu (1931 - )
The Wharf

Sails and masts are many in this picture. Sailboats rest beside the wharf, with their masts crisscro... (Read more)

LIN Tian-ruei (1927 - 2003)
The Fish

Fish won fourth place in the “special selections” competition in the ninth “Taiwan Provincial Fine A... (Read more)

LAI Chuen-chien (1926 - )

Influenced by Impressionism in early years, Lai was so touched by the works of Georges Braques that ... (Read more)

SHEN Che-tsai (1926 - )
Human Figure

Shen won the Prize of Excellency in the 14th “Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition” with Human Fig... (Read more)

CHIN Jun-tso (1922 - 1983)

This piece is one of Chin’s creations in the 60s. Instead of using the traditional techniques of lig... (Read more)

LIAO Te-cheng (1920 - )
Looking far into the Distance from Mt. Guan Yin

As the artist moved to Tienmu in 1970, Liao started to combine still life with outdoor scenery in hi... (Read more)

SHIU Wu-yung (1920 - )
A Street on the Hill (Taiwan)

A Street on the Hill (Taiwan) was completed in 1943 before Shiu graduated from Tokyo Empire Universi... (Read more)

CHENG Shih-fan (1915 - 2006)

The original work title is Downtown Area. The painting won the second prize of “Chairman Award” in t... (Read more)

CHANG Yi-shiung (1914 - )
Still Life

Chang painted this work after moving to Paris in 1980, and it belongs to Chang’s “white period.” Aft... (Read more)

LU Ghi-cheng (1914 - 1990)
Autumn Mountain with Clouds

Lu Ghi-cheng preferred using palette knives, which differentiated his stronger texture from other pa... (Read more)

Liu Chi-shiang (1910 - 1998)
The Harbour

Liu Chi-shiang was much influenced by the tutors at the Bunka Gakuin and the “Nikakai of Tokyo” and ... (Read more)

CHEN De-wang (1910 - 1984)
Looking far into the Distance from Mt. Guan Yin

The current work presents a typical style in Chen De-wang last years which returns every element to ... (Read more)

CHANG Wan-chuan (1909 - 2003)

Chang Wan-chuan inherited his style from Japanese Fauvism and Paris School and transferred them into... (Read more)

YE Huo-cheng (1908 - 1993)
One Morning

Under the influence of Ishikawa Kinichiro, Ye Huo-cheng’s creative themes focused on spirits of live... (Read more)

LI Shih-chiao (1908 - 1995)
Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace won the 10th Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition Award in 1936. The portrait of the lady unde... (Read more)

YANG San-lang (1907 - 1995)
City Life

Most of Yang San-lang’s paintings feature themes of landscapes, urban or rural. Besides landscape pa... (Read more)

TATEISHI Tetuomi (1905 - 1980)
The Water Lily Pond with the Reflection of the Sun

The Water Lily Pond with the Reflection of the Sun was selected as the recommended artwork of the fi... (Read more)

LIN Ko-kung (1901 - 1992)

From 1958, Lin Ko-kung’s paintings of nudes began to develop an abstract expression, almost like ove... (Read more)

JANG Chiou-hai (1899 - 1988)
Portrait of the Artist's Wife

This painting was selected for the 11th “Imperial Art Exhibition” and is also the earliest amongst J... (Read more)

LIOU Jin-tang (1894 - 1937)
Portrait of the Artist's Wife Holding an Orange

Portrait of the Artist's Wife Holding an Orange is a work Liou completed during his Hang-Zhou period... (Read more)

SIOTUKI Touhou (1886 - 1954)

During his stay in Taiwan, Siotuki painted a lot about the indigenous people and the mountains and o... (Read more)

Anli Gaun (Lai An-lin) (1958 - )
The Face-Tatooed Tribe

According to Atayal legend, facial tattoos symbolize “life.” For Anli Ganu, they are symbols that de... (Read more)

Li Ming-tse (1957 - )
Lotus Pond in Zuoying

Growing up in the military community in Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Li Ming-tse has been able to closely obs... (Read more)

Lin Hsin-yueh (1939 - )
Gushing Waves

Following the lifting of the 40-year-long martial law in 1987, Taiwanese society began a surge to re... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Beyond Destiny

Shiao Chin’s work is a mélange of Chinese calligraphy and concepts of Western abstract painting. The... (Read more)

Hsia Yang (1932 - )

As the trend of Photorealism emerged, Hsia Yang moved from Paris to New York in 1968. He felt the co... (Read more)

Liu Sheng-jung (1928 - 1985)

When Liu returned to Taiwan from Japan in the 1960s, he actively promoted abstract art with a group ... (Read more)

Zao Wou-ki (1921 - 2013)
Abstract Painting

Zao Wou-ki reconsiders Chinese culture that he is familiar with. Using the atmosphere of Chinese pai... (Read more)

Ju De-chiun (1920 - 2014)
Between Figure and Form

Ju’s painting style is free and ebullient. Although he adopts the form of Western abstract painting,... (Read more)

Shiy De-jinn (1923 - 1981)
Boy in Red

The subject in the 1962 painting Boy in Red is a lanky figure with large eyes, with a silhouette out... (Read more)

Lee Chun-shan (1912 - 1984)
Work No. 057

With a large body of work, Lee was the pioneer of abstract painting in Taiwan. However, most of his ... (Read more)

Yan Shuei-long (1903 - 1997)
The Landscape of Lanyu

Yan Shuei-long is the first Taiwanese artist to systematically research and record the arts and craf... (Read more)

Liao Chi-chun (1902 - 1976)
Still Life

Instead of highlighting the vibrant colors of the flowers or meticulously documenting the details of... (Read more)

Lee Mei-shu (1902 - 1983)
In a Greenhouse

In a Greenhouse (1939) was a representative piece of Lee Mei-shu from his Impressionist period (1924... (Read more)

Kuo Po-chuan (1901 - 1974)
The National Palace Museum

Overlooking the Drum Tower (Zhonggulou) Avenue at the Forbidden Palace, this Beijing thoroughfare is... (Read more)

Chen Cheng-po (1895 - 1947)
Chiayi Park

This painting, Chiayi Park (1937), shows a guileless, spontaneous, and accessible visual vocabulary.... (Read more)