ink painting and calligraphy

ink painting and calligraphy

Ink painting is one of the traditional Chinese painting techniques that only paint with ink.  The origin of ink painting can be traced to Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), when Wang Wei (one of the great Tang poets and painter) raised the idea of 「ink painting as superior」.  The Development of ink painting began in Five Dynasties (907-960 AD) and reached its peak in Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD), and continuously developed during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD)and contemporary era.

Calligraphy is to write Chinese characters with brushes; it is a unique formative art in China.  Calligraphy has different types of scripts, such as seal script, clerical script, regular script, semi-cursive script and cursive script.  In terms of writing principles, the gesture of holding brush, the use of brush and ink, structure, points, layout and styles are specially focused.

《Zoon 》系列
HUANG Chih-Yang (1965 - )
The Zoon Series

HUANG Chih-Yang’s art combines ink-brush with installation, which brings a sense of new energy to th... (Read more)

枯木羅漢 七
LIN Ju (1959 - )
Dead-wood Arhat VII

The holy figures and their bodies have remained the carriers of LIN Ju’s meditative religious though... (Read more)

LIN Ju (1959 - )

Heart-sucking belongs to the Nine Mirrors of the House of Wuchi series. Lin hopes to give advice to ... (Read more)

CHANG Yung-Tsuen (1957 - )
Extensive Landscape

The way CHANG Yung-Tsuen completely deconstructs and reverses the ink-wash conventions is to break t... (Read more)

YU Peng (1955 - 2014)
Puffing Clouds

There is a romantic rhythm in YU Peng’s work, comprised of hasty, wild brushstrokes, layers of refin... (Read more)

YU Peng (1955 - 2014)
Landscape of Lust

The “landscape of lust” has remained an important painting theme for YU Peng since the late 1990s. B... (Read more)

YU Peng (1955 - 2014)
Fairy Land

According to tradition, a landscape must feel as if it can be appreciated, lived and traveled in the... (Read more)

YU Peng (1955 - 2014)
Sitting amid Bamboos while Enjoying Their Pleasant Odor

YU Peng’s landscapes present a romantic spirit which is incompatible and far removed from the nervou... (Read more)

YU Peng (1955 - 2014)
Natural Affinity with Friends

YU Peng’s landscapes present a romantic spirit which is incompatible and far removed from the nervou... (Read more)

LUO Cing (1948 - )
One Man’s Cultural Revolution

One Man’s Cultural Revolution– the Battle between Dragon and Tiger in the Mountains reveals the arti... (Read more)

LUO Cing (1948 - )
A Couplet of Landscape Painting

A Couplet of Landscape Painting is an innovated work which deconstructs the traditional couplet form... (Read more)

LUO Cing (1948 - )

In the work UFO, the dot-like gold leaf scatters on the thick ink diffusion, bringing some strange a... (Read more)

SHI Song (1947 - )
Thirty-three Guanyin Bodhisttvas Drawings

For the artist, Thirty-three Guanyin Bodhisttvas Drawings is more like a “conceptual” work of art. I... (Read more)

DONG Yang-zih (1942 - )
Far and Wide

Dong Yang-zih emphasizes composition the most in her calligraphy works. She consciously chooses not ... (Read more)

DONG Yang-zih (1942 - )
Reveal True Self, Embrace Original Nature

“Jian Su Bao Pu, which means to “reveal one’s true self and embrace the original nature,” comes from... (Read more)

DONG Yang-zih (1942 - )
Know the Right yet Speak Nothing Against the Wrong

“Know the Right yet Speak Nothing Against the Wrong” comes from Chapter Twenty Eighth of Daodejing w... (Read more)

LEE Chung-chung (1942 - )

In this landscape, free-flowing, dynamic splashes of ink are layered upon static color fields. Toget... (Read more)

LEE Chung-chung (1942 - )

Vitality is composed of strings of dots of different colors, sizes and shades. These dots seem to be... (Read more)

LEE Chung-chung (1942 - )
A Love Affair with the Mountain

A Love Affair with the Mountain is inspired by poems written by Buddhist Master Hsian-wan of the Son... (Read more)

LEE Chung-chung (1942 - )
Mysteries of the Tienshan Mountain

Mysteries of the Tienshan Mountain is a psychological landscape inspired by the author’s personal tr... (Read more)

LEE Chung-chung (1942 - )
Eye of Typhoon

In Eye of Typhoon, Lee Chung-chung uses two thick masses of ink on the top and the lower left, light... (Read more)

YUAN Zhan (1941 - )
Spring is Long in the Wonder Land

Yuan Zhan’s Wonderland series in is one inspired by her own imagination. Spring is Long in the Wonde... (Read more)

Huang Chau-hu (1939 - )
Purple Murmurs

Huang Chau-hu was constantly experimenting and searching for breakthroughs in his art. In his post- ... (Read more)

Huang Chau-hu (1939 - )
Gazing into Time and Space

Huang Chau-hu's 1990s Color Fantasy World series, also known as the Color Ink works, were an express... (Read more)

Huang Chau-hu (1939 - )
Where do All the Clouds Go ?

In the 1980s, Huang Chau-hu experimented with modern techniques and forms. This abstract-like painti... (Read more)

Huang Chau-hu (1939 - )
Spring Breeze

Huang Chau-hu incorporating modern media, techniques and styles in his experiments with ink wash pai... (Read more)

Huang Chau-hu (1939 - )
Neither Mountain nor Water ( C )

Numerous white spaces lie in the large expanse of furrowed ink layers. From amongst the seemingly fo... (Read more)

Lee Shi-chi (1938 - )
Voices of ink 0208

Under the influence of the modern art movement in the post-war Taiwan, many artists were devoted to ... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Magnetic Waves No.22

In the great universe, how should we define the role of an artist? Rabindranath Tagore has once desc... (Read more)

Shiao Chin (1935 - )
Zen No.131

Shiao Chin has lived in the foreign country for a long time, where he was influenced by the Western ... (Read more)

Feng Jung-ruei (1934 - )

Feng’s abstract ink paintings are best featured by the combination of Chinese literati painting meth... (Read more)

Feng Jung-ruei (1934 - )

Using modern painting and texturizing techniques, Feng Jung-ruei transforms traditional landscapesin... (Read more)

Cheng Shan-hsi (1932 - )
An Historic Town in Europe in Verdurous Summer

Cheng Shang-hsi often portrays scenes of everyday life in his modern ink painting works. Created aft... (Read more)

Cheng Shan-hsi (1932 - )
Sparrows and Bamboos

Cheng Shan-hsi believes that, to reform ink painting, one does not have to “refer to the traditional... (Read more)

Cheng Shan-hsi (1932 - )
Crested Mynas

Cheng has taken a wide variety of creative methods throughout his painting career. When it comes to ... (Read more)

Cheng Shan-hsi (1932 - )
The Morning Scenery in Spring

Cheng Shan-hsi not only has a solid set of skills for traditional Chinese painting that helps him cr... (Read more)

Cheng Shan-hsi (1932 - )
Characters from Chinese Opera

Folk cultural events are Cheng’s much cherished childhood memories. He loves folk art so much that m... (Read more)

Liu Kuo-sung (1932 - )
Impression: Sunset Ⅷ

Influenced by the minimal art movement in the 1970s, Liu used spray guns to create the Metamorphosis... (Read more)

Liu Kuo-sung (1932 - )
Mountains of Undworldly Thoughts

To create a landscape painting, Liu would paint on a special kind of modern Xuan (cotton) paper with... (Read more)

Liu Kuo-sung (1932 - )

Liu Kuo-sung is good at fulfilling a picture with different materials and techniques. To create this... (Read more)

CHEN Shing-wan (1951 - 2004)
Impressions of Germany: from Gorecki-Henryk's Symphony No.3

Polish musician Henryk Gorecki wrote Symphony No. 3 in 1976 based on a prayer written by a Jewish mo... (Read more)

LI Yi-hung (1941 - )
The Erzihping Trail, Yangmingshan National Park

According to the artist, this painting is based on pine words in Erzihping, Taiwan. The two trees in... (Read more)

OU Hau-nian (1935 - )
Rainbow and Waterfall

Waterfall and Rainbow (1989) incorporates ink-and-wash painting skills and plein-air painting skills... (Read more)

CHENG Shan-hsi (1931 - )
Ode to the Autumn

This painting portrays a scene from “Rhapsody of Autumn Sounds” by Ou Yang Xiu from the Northern Son... (Read more)

JIANG Jhao-shen (1925 - 1996)

Jiang learned poetry and prose with master painter Pu Hsin-yu in the early years of his career. The ... (Read more)

WU Ping (1920 - )
Peacocks in Black Water Ink

Wu Ping is good at flower and bird painting. The artist’s paintings are featured by anthocyanin pigm... (Read more)

Liu Kuo-sung (1932 - )
The Earth Ⅲ

The piece is one of the The Earth Ⅲ series. He used Feibai (half-dry stroke) technique of Chinese ca... (Read more)

Hsia Yi-fu (1927 - )

Hsia Yi-fu’s work has evolved through several incarnations from his early freehand method, to a dry-... (Read more)

Jang Guang-bin (1915 - )

Professor Jang Guang-bin is a specialist of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, mastering ... (Read more)

Fu Juan-fu (1910 - 2007)
Running Waves

Fu Juan-fu was famed for his ability to capture the turbulent seas with his brush and ink work, and ... (Read more)

Guo Hsueh-hu (1908 - 2012)

Solitude (1933), which was honored with Direct Entry at the 7th Taiwan Arts Exhibition, was inspired... (Read more)