Related Exhibition

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
108 Unknown Objects 不明物識別108 種 LIN Huang -Ti Print
Shenzhen-Social Measurement through Sound 2009 深圳-聲音社會測量 2009 LIN Chiwei New Media and Video
Land Ethic: Regeneration 土地倫理:放生 LIU Shin-Tung Mixed Media
Blue and White Dog 《青花狗》系列 HUNG Yi Mixed Media
Yehyeh Village No.1 野野村 No.1 FANG Wei-Wen Mixed Media
Canine Monk 犬僧 PENG Hung-Chih New Media and Video
To Dress up at Home - 5 衣錦還鄉 五 PENG Hung-Chih New Media and Video
The Monuments: with the Sacrifices of Faunas 獸身供養紀念碑 YAO Jui-Chung Mixed Media
Remote Village 遠村 PENG Hsien-Hsiang Mixed Media
Shyang-Jou Gong 祥周公 PENG Hsien-Hsiang Mixed Media