Creating period of art works

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
Deched 獨立 YUAN Zhan Eastern Gouache
Attachment to the Mundane World 戀戀紅塵 WU Tien-chang Mixed Media
The Erzihping Trail, Yangmingshan National Park 陽明山二子坪 LI Yi-hung ink painting and calligraphy
Land Ethic: Regeneration 土地倫理:放生 LIU Shin-Tung Mixed Media
Yehyeh Village No.1 野野村 No.1 FANG Wei-Wen Mixed Media
Reasons of Insomnia 難眠的理由 YUAN Goang-Ming Mixed Media
HB-1750 HB-1750 WANG Jun-Jieh Mixed Media
The Chain II 鍊(二) CHANG Chien-Chi Photography
The Chain I 鍊(一) CHANG Chien-Chi Photography
Fairy Land 仙鄉 YU Peng ink painting and calligraphy