Creating period of art works

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
Disclosure HUNG Tung-Lu Mixed Media
Void-gazing pavilion 虛空色染 觀無樓 HUANG Hsin-Chien Sculpture
The Emergence of Dragon 青龍出水 HSIEH Tong-liang Sculpture
Peaks Compete Beauty 群峰競秀 HSIEH Tong-liang Sculpture
The Seed + F(23) 種子+F(23) YEH Chu-sheng Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Silver Lake 08-07 銀湖 08-07 Paul CHIANG Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Infinity 江山無盡 Jang Guang-bin ink painting and calligraphy
I Got SuperStrong Courage - Wen(Gentle), Liang(Intelligent), Gong(Respect), Jian(Frugal), Rang(Surrender) 我有無比的勇氣-溫良恭儉讓 Isa HO Mixed Media
Disgusting Pearl Bubble Tea No.1 超難喝的珍珠奶茶 No.1 LIAO Yu-An Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Sky Blue XIII Sky Blue XIII CHEN Chien-Jung Oil paints and Acrylic colors