Creating period of art works

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
Spring is Long in the Wonder Land 仙境春長(二) YUAN Zhan ink painting and calligraphy
Who's Listening? 有誰聽見了? TSENG Yu-Chin New Media and Video
By the Way 在隨波逐流中改變河道 LIN Huang -Ti Print
Canine Monk 犬僧 PENG Hung-Chih New Media and Video
Svara 水晶宮 HUNG Tung-Lu Mixed Media
The Wind Remembers: January the 3rd of Lunar Calendar 風中的記憶:正月初三 CHEN Shun-Chu Mixed Media
Untitled 無題 LIN Hong-Wen Sculpture
Lushan in 2000 廬山2000年 HUNG Tien-Yu Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Dead-wood Arhat VII 枯木羅漢 七 LIN Ju ink painting and calligraphy
Lotus Pond in Zuoying 左營蓮池潭 Li Ming-tse Oil paints and Acrylic colors