Creating period of art works

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
Cattle Bathing in the Lotus Pond (Paddy and Lotus Series) 荷塘浴牛圖(荷禾系列) HUANG Ming-Chang Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Voices of ink 0208 墨語0208 Lee Shi-chi ink painting and calligraphy
Self-Portrait 1 自畫像1 LIAO Yu-An Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Factory 加工廠 CHEN Chieh-Jen New Media and Video
The View from Near 近覻 LU Hsien-Ming Mixed Media
The View from Afar 遠眺 LU Hsien-Ming Mixed Media
Proper Landscape with Seeing Eye 照花前後鏡之樂園猜想 CHOU Pang-Ling Mixed Media
Treasure Island 金銀島 SU Wang-Shen Oil paints and Acrylic colors
Confucius’ Confusion 子不語 MEI Dean-E Mixed Media
Landscape 江山萬里 LEE Chung-chung ink painting and calligraphy