Creating period of art works

English title Chinese title Artist Medium / Classification
Expression Chassis 皮相底層 HUANG Hsin-Chien Mixed Media
Void-gazing pavilion 虛空色染 觀無樓 HUANG Hsin-Chien Sculpture
Dreambox 夢想盒 HSU Ruey-Shiann Mixed Media
The Zoon Series 《Zoon 》系列 HUANG Chih-Yang ink painting and calligraphy
Reasons of Insomnia 難眠的理由 YUAN Goang-Ming Mixed Media
Clinical Path of Sphinx 斯芬克斯的臨床路徑 LIU Shih-Fen Mixed Media
Pillow No.7 Plus Home 枕頭七號+家 Michael LIN Mixed Media
Pencil Walker 走鉛筆的人 SHI Jin-Hua Mixed Media
The Wind Remembers: January the 3rd of Lunar Calendar 風中的記憶:正月初三 CHEN Shun-Chu Mixed Media
In Search of Gods 搜神四仙 HOU Chun-Ming Print